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LG is Bringing The Foldable Smartphone

LG is Bringing The Foldable Smartphone


LG is Bringing The Foldable Smartphone. LG can bring a foldable smartphone. The company’s paint has seen a smartphone that can be folded. There are speculations that LG is working on turning the phone. Earlier news about bringing Samsung, Huawei, and Apple’s foldable smartphones brought headlines.

There was a rumor at the time that these companies are working on phones that are folded-in-turn. We all Know LG is a reputed Smartphone Brand in the Smartphone Market hence LG is working Hard for the Foldable smartphone for the Future generation of smartphone.





Samsung can bring the Foldable Smartphone in 2019

Earlier it was heard that Samsung is preparing to bring its first foldable smartphone. The company can offer this smartphone by next year. However, Samsung has never responded to such rumors. But, it is believed that Samsung is still working on it. It is now being reported that after Samsung Samsung is bringing a mobile smartphone to compete against Samsung’s second largest company LG Samsung. It will be a smartphone whose display will turn in.


LG’s patent would be considered if this coming smartphone would be vertically folded. This has been indicated in the patent. However, LG has not yet confirmed it. LG is working on new mechanisms to display the display.


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It is being said that the display will automatically be folded as soon as the foldable smartphone is turned off. The folded smartphone will have two antennae. It will have two speakers and two microphones.

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