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Fastest Way To Leave Facebook Group

Fastest Way To Leave Facebook Group


How To Leave Facebook Group Without Them Knowing

leave facebook group
Have you ever logged in your facebook on your device, only to find out that you have been added to a facebook group without your consent? Or maybe you have trouble leaving a group on facebook? Well, I have been there before, and if you have experienced any of these, you will agree with me that it sometimes sucks, especially when facebook groups that you have been added to, post irrelevant content and you are then left with multiple notifications from facebook groups.

I was added to a facebook group once without my consent, and I was always getting multiple notifications, I wanted the notifications to stop, I even asked my friends if they knew how to come out of a group on facebook but no one knew. All this was happening because I myself didn’t know how to leave a group on facebook. Annoying notifications kept coming in, till I learned how to leave facebook groups.

leave facebook group
Bloggers and spammers add facebook user to groups every day without their consent, some because they want traffic and I think some add you to groups just to piss you off? But Hey! I won’t be just if I blame it only on the people that add you to groups. Facebook users also add themselves to annoying facebook groups, sometimes accidentally because of catchy group names.
Not to worry, I’ll show you how to leave a group on facebook, all you have to do is follow my easy steps.
Leaving a group on facebook kinda has two options, you can choose to leave a group on facebook temporarily, which means you can be added again by the group admin, the second option takes you totally off the group, and admins won’t be able to add you again.
 If you have many facebook groups that you want to leave? I think you should make a list of all facebook groups in ascending and descending other? LOL, just kidding.

Okay let’s move to the main idea of the post

How To Unjoin Facebook Group.


Easy steps: how to leave facebook group on Android.

  • Open your facebook app on your device.
  • Go to Facebook groups and select the group you want to leave.
leave facebook group
  • Tap on joined then leave group
leave facebook group
  • Tap on more options.
leave facebook group
  • Finally, tap on the facebook unjoin group feature. (Leave group permanently). 
leave facebook group

And there you have it, that’s basically the way to

leave facebook group

You can share this information with your friends that are also want to leave facebook group. The listed steps above are applicable to Android, IOS and Windows devices. You can comment if you have any issues.

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