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Top-Tier 9 Best Accurate Inclinometer Apps For Android 2021

Top-Tier 9 Best Accurate Inclinometer Apps For Android 2021


I bet you already know what an inclinometer is and that’s why you are here. But just to be sure, I’ll quickly tell you what it is.

An inclinometer is a tool that is used to measure the angles of slope. There’s more explanation as to what an inclinometer is but I’ll stop there.

If you are an Engineer, you’d agree with me that an inclinometer is one of your most cherished tools. Let’s say you forgot your tool bag at home (DON’T EVER DO THAT). Your best bet would be to download an inclinometer app for Android.

Here’s an epic list of the best inclinometer apps for android 2020.

List Of Best Inclinometer Apps For Android

  • Multi Clinometer

This App comes with a 2D clinometer, a 2D spirit level and also pitch clinometer. Multi clinometer is perfect for measuring the leveling of lobby constructions, leveling pictures on the wall and more.

The clinometer have analog and digital displays. Trust me, this is one app you are going to love if you are into Engineering stuff.

Multi Clinometer
  • Clinometer + bubble level

Here’s another inclinometer app for android that people are downloading and talking about. It is referred to by some as the most precise slope measurement tool on Android. I don’t doubt this verdict in any way. My brother who is an Engineer used it and gave it 5 stars.

In this app you get 3 modes; clinometer mode, bubble level and camera mode. There’s also a dial rotation and other cool features that you would like.

Clinometer + bubble level
  • Best Level

If you are a beginner you can start with this, if you aren’t an Engineer but you just need a tool to check if a surface is flat without seeing complicated numbers, download this. Best level is easy to use and very precise.

This app works with 100% efficiency like the real tool. Use best level to measure almost any surface by simply placing your phone on the surface and reading it. Best application for carpenters, bricklayers, and others.

Best Level
  • Level with voice (Spirit level / Bubble level)

With this amazing clinometer app for android you’ll literally show off to your friends. This particular app comes with a voice prompt feature that tells you when your measurement is close, very close or perfect.

You can lock angles by using the volume up control button and also save measurement by using the volume down button. Trust me, this app has all shades of amazing.

Level with voice (Spirit level / Bubble level)
  • Precise Level

Get the precise level from almost any surface with this inclinometer app. It has the spirit level with the horizontal angle indicator that can be used by almost anyone. There are no complications while trying to use this app. The developer made a great job keeping it simply.

It has many great features like the save feature, calibration to increase the precision level, and even secondary calibration which is useful when you are working on a celling perhaps.

  • Bubble Level 3D

This one gives you the kind of feel that an actual inclinometer would give you. It is amazing in every way. Yeah, you guess right! It displays the bubble level in 3D, how cool is that?

It also has two views, one for vertical orientation and the other for horizontal. In this app there’s an option I love the most, the one that lets you set sound marks to hear when you hit a desired angle.

Bubble Level 3D
  • Simple Inclinometer 

There isn’t much to say about the “simple inclinometer”. It is totally worthy of being on my list of best inclinometer apps for android 2020. It is very easy to use. With this app you get clear and immediate indication of angles and steepnesss.

It is lightweight too, it won’t contain a ton of space on your device. Everybody loves simple inclinometer, you can check the reviews for yourself.

Simple Inclinometer
  • Bubble Level – Spirit Level

Meet the app created to detect if an object is in a horizontal or vertical state. To use this app, just make sure the calibration is right and you’re go to go. The app also features a built-in ruler, bubble ruler and 2D ruler.

In the spirit level tool you can easily measure the length of any object, you can also choose from different units of measurement. After taking your measurements you can save it too.

  • Bubble Level Galaxy

This one doesn’t contain annoying ads that mess with user experience. It is clear, simple and very easy to use. Even if you are a beginner at using an inclinometer you’ll find using this app very easy.

How about accuracy? It is very accurate, I had my brother test this one out himself and he loved the app, I’m sure you would love it too.

Bubble Level Galaxy


These best inclinometer apps for android 2020 really come in handy, especially for carpenters, and engineers. Most of the apps listed here are quite easy to use and also lightweight.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

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