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How To Unblur A Picture In 5 Ways

How To Unblur A Picture In 5 Ways


To unblur a photo is no big deal at all, it’s possible and also easy to accomplish, just follow me and you will learn how to unblur a picture in a bit.

I know it can be very frustrating if you took a picture of a friend or a family photo and you didn’t check it immediately to see how it looked and it turned out burry, don’t panic, I have a solution to this little problem.

There are a few steps, online tools, and websites that you can use to get that blur picture back to looking like a detailed clear quality image.

It might cost you some data connection and probably some time too, depending on the size of the picture that you wish to unblur.

To unblur a picture, you use a PC for this process, it’s faster and more efficient. but if you wish to use a phone you’re totally free, it will also do the trick.

The software and online tools that we will use today to unblur pictures will be tools like Paint.net, GIMP, Photoshop, and more.

So, let’s begin.

How To Unblur A Picture | Steps

First thing’s first, before you start to unblur any picture on your phone or PC, you need to backup the original picture file, make a copy, and keep it in a safe folder.

This is very important, just in case you don’t get it right, you won’t be left with a terrible version of the original picture. Here’s how to unblur a picture in 5 ways.

Method 1: GIMP Free Image Editor

How To Unblur A Picture

1. Open GIMP.

2. Click on the blur/sharpen tab at the tool box.

3. Click sharpen.

4. Drag your mouse to the part of the image you want to sharpen, and select that portion.

Release your mouse and GIMP will automatically get the job done for you in no time.

This online tool is free and fast. You can also download the app on your PC to make the job faster for yourself.

Method 2: Snapseed (for Android / iPhone)

snap see unblur photo
  1. Launch the Snapseed on your PC.

2. Click on Tools.

3. Find and click on Details, at the top.

4. Click on Sharpen.

5. Click on structure.

6. Then, click on ‘show more details’

Now you have finalized the unblur process, your picture will be clearer than it once was.

Method 3: Paint.net (PC)

  1. Open the Paint.net and download for your PC (recommended)

2. Click on Effects.

3. Click on Pictures.

4. Then, click on sharpen.

5. Adjust the slider on the sharpen tab to a level that is perfect for you.

6. Click on Ok and Save.

The difference might not be too much, it’s also dependent on how blurry the image is. If the image is too blurry, then you need to use another software on my list.

Method 4: Fotor Photo Blur

  1. Open the Fotor Photo Blur online tool.

2. Import the image you want to unblur.

3. Go to the menu option.

4. Apply filters and effects to unblur image gradually.

Use the feature on Fotor Photo Blur to be able to unblur any picture you want.

Method 5: Adobe Lightroom

  1. Launch the app.

2. Go to deatils.

3. Adjust the shaperning slider.

4. Adjust the Radius slider.

5. Adjust the detail slider too.

6. Then, finally, adjust the Exposure slider.

Now you are good to go. You can check the before and after of the same image and see the huge difference that this app has on it.


So that’s all I have for you guys today. The 5 methods on how to unblur a picture that I have listed are not all the methods that you could use to unblur pictures, there are lots more, but these ones are easy to do.

They won’t give you any trouble and they are totally free and fast. You can download some, or just use them on Google chrome without downloading.

If you have any more questions, let me know and drop a comment below, and I will get to it in a minute.

Thank you for your time, till next time, see ya.

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