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How To Stop Facebook Notifications

How To Stop Facebook Notifications


This post will teach you how to stop Facebook notifications.

I know that because of busy schedules and other things, disabling Facebook notifications most times is not an option for Facebook users. But the big question now is, what happens when you are getting numerous pop-up notifications from Facebook?

Well, I have certain questions for you,

Are you tired of receiving irrelevant notifications whenever you log in to your Facebook account?

Would you like to receive only important notifications like comments from friends and not annoying stuff from Facebook groups that you know you want to leave soon or later, or maybe you don’t want to see stuff like invitations from other applications.

Let’s ride on.

If you have ever tried to disable/block Facebook notifications, you will attest to the fact that any wrong move can stop you from receiving important notifications, So, you have to be careful and know what exactly you are disabling.

With few easy to follow steps I will show you how you can stop Facebook notifications, all you will need to do is follow these steps accordingly and be sure if you really want to remove Facebook notifications.

How To Stop Facebook Notifications

Okay, you will have to open your Facebook notification settings, because there lies your key to stopping Facebook notifications.

To access the Facebook notification settings and remove Facebook notifications using an android device (Facebook app)? follow the below steps.

  1. Open the Facebook App on your device
  2. Tap on the utility button
  3. Tap on App settings
  4. Tap on notifications

You can now start disabling facebook notifications that you don’t want.

But wait, that’s not all, this is a partial way that affects only your facebook App on your phone. 

Stop facebook notifications on your account for good from your smartphone. (Android)

Step 1
Open your facebook App
Step 2

Tap the utility button

Step 3
Scroll down to account settings and tap on it to open
Step 4

When the tab opens, look for ”notifications” and tap on it to open.

The above set of steps disables selected facebook notifications for good, the changes you make are not limited only to the ”facebook app” like the First set of steps.

In this section you can do a whole lot of tweaking on your facebook notifications, but just be careful not to block important notifications on your facebook.

How To Stop Facebook Notifications

While in the notifications settings tab, you have access to tweak the notifications settings for ”Groups, Event, On this day, Birthdays, Nearby friends, Activity involving you, Close friends, and others

So there you have it, this is ‘‘how to stop facebook notifications on phone” I hope it helps you, and I also hope it answers your question on disabling facebook popup. Feel free to  comment if you encounter any issues

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