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How To Save Battery Life On Your Android Phone | Best Hacks 2021

How To Save Battery Life On Your Android Phone | Best Hacks 2021

 save battery life on your android phone

I have seen many questions online. Questions like how do I save battery life on Android? How do I save battery life on Android lollipop?

Well, I’m here to help.

This post will teach you how to save battery life on Android.

But wait. Is there really a special way to save battery life on your Android phone?

The answer is Maybe.

No other thing affects the usefulness of a phone like the battery life. My battery life is as important as my battery life because nothing, besides the availability of the internet, can be compared to it.

In this day and age where we’re constantly in touch with each other and the rest of the world through our phones, it is imperative that we get the best deal from our phone batteries.

One of the most welcomed articles right now is how to make batteries not just last, but last longer.

I’m known to practically write an epistle(Dead long post) as a preamble(Introduction) before my posts but today I’ll like to get to the point already.

After all, we are trying to save battery, right?

Moving on

How To Save Battery Life On your Android Phone

Uhm, If you are expecting me to tell you stuff like; Bring out your battery, dip it into hot water and blah blah blah, then the wrong keyword search must have landed you on this website.

The tips I will share in this post are normal tips that won’t require any external device.

There are simply easy to use tips that will help in saving your battery life on Android. So, without further ado. Here Goes.

Decrease your screen brightness

And there goes my first tip for you.

Trust me, if you really want to improve your battery perfomance you have got to harken to this advice. You have to (decrease yur screen brightness).

I get that you want to be “lit” but you don’t need to compete with the sun to prove a point.

Reducing your screen brightness is an amazing way to save battery life on your Android phone.

Turn off your vibration

You know that little dance wiggle and jiggle your phone does when people remember that you exist and place a call through? or when you have a notification? It’s is called vibration right?

Well, Yeah, that takes juice too.

Turning off your battery is a smart move if you really want to save battery life on your Android.

Close apps you’re not using 

Here’s one that most people don’t care about.

Are you the type that opens over 1000 Apps and forgets to close them? Well, you have to change your style to save battery life on Android.

Don’t joke. We all know you don’t really need all your social media platforms running simultaneously!

What you can do is keep them on your home screen. That way, after you close them, they’ll still be easily accessible.

An extra tip on closing apps is to check the battery graph on your phone. This shows you what is taking what out of your battery so that you can chose what stays or goes.

You’re welcome.

A lot of you may not have realized this but Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and data connection love batteries. They are literally in what I would call a parasitic relationship.

So here’s my suggestion, kill the parasite! No arguments on this one people.

Turn them off when not in use.

Keep your phone cool

This is as easy as you wearing a hat to shade you from the sun.

Phones (batteries) have voices and I stand with them. You can’t be in the shade and leave your phone in the sun. It’s not fair! Please keep them away from the sun and heat, as often as possible.

I wouldn’t want to go all geeky or techy on this, but trust me when I say keeping your phone at a cool temperature is another method of saving Android battery life.

Next, we move on to the not so obvious part.

Reduce screen timeout

What is screen timeout?

Every android phone comes with an option to choose how long your phone screen stays on when it’s inactive. Choosing the lowest possible option makes for an extended battery life.

If your Android screen timeout was set to 1 minute or less, this would be a good thing. Because after the time elapses the screen will sleep and thus save battery life on Android.

Power saving mode

I would love to render my sincerest appreciation to phone manufacturers for this option and offer a huge apology to our batteries for ignoring it.

In case you think all I said earlier takes a little too much time to do, then go to your phone’s power saving management settings and chose a power saving mode that best suits you at the time.

When my phone is below 6% and there’s no power supply, chances are that I’ll put it on ultra-lower power mode to save my juice until I have a power source available.

This is the method I use to save my battery life on Android.

Don’t overcharge your Android Battery

Some days ago I wrote an Article on the ways you can charge Android faster. You should check it out.

But does this mean you should charge your device 18 hours every day?


Do not overcharge your battery, if you do, you make your battery weaker and weaker.

Download and use Apps to save battery life

At the mere mention of the words ”save Android battery,” The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is an Application.

Trust me, having an application on your device is another step to saving Android battery.

Turn off haptic feedback

These are the feedbacks such as the vibration you get when you use soft keys or interact with certain UI’s.

Just like everything else, they need battery life to survive. If they’re not absolutely necessary, I suggest you turn them off. I turn mine off because I think they’re an unnecessary luxury.

Reboot occasionally

Clean slate. Sometimes what the phone battery needs is time to clear its head and unwind. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Take it or leave it. This works in saving battery life on Android.

Turn off app notifications

Tired of turning things off just to save battery life on your Android phone?

Don’t be, this is actually the last tip.

Like Facebook and twitter. Unless absolutely necessary, you should turn these off because even if the app isn’t running, they still need to poll into your network to be able to deliver notifications and the more polling there is, the less battery you have.

To do this, you would have to go to each app setting and turn off notifications. Yes, it’s a long process. but it’s surely worth it.

Finallyturn off your phone for a while sometimes. Let it rest. Even phones need their beauty sleep, don’t you think?

In the end, all your battery needs is a little tender love and care every now and then.

The tips listed in this article help me to save my battery life on Android. I use them almost every day. I hope they help you too in your quest to save battery life on your Android phone.

Feel free to leave a comment or contribution to this article.

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