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How To Perform Reverse Image Search With One Click

How To Perform Reverse Image Search With One Click


If you talk about tasks related to computing and compare them on the basis of difficulty, there is nothing easier than copying and pasting. Everyone is aware of the shortcuts (CTRL + C and CTRL +V). Even school going kids can perform these tasks. It is a pleasant fact that you can perform a reverse image search using these two basic activities. How can you do it? Which stages you have to go through? 

Let us have a look at the procedure involved to gain more understanding on this.

Determine the image source (URL)

Every image is stored in the search engine database at a certain location. This is basically the URL of the picture. To start with, you have to open an image. Click the link (images.google.com) and wait for the interface to load. Suppose that you wish to locate the finest Italian restaurants in New York. Type the phrase “best Italian restaurants in NY” or any similar phrase in the search box. After that, press enter, and a collection of images will be shown to you.

Extracting image address

Pick an image that you think matches your needs. When you right-click it, the option, its location will appear. Simply copy it and open the Google images web page. When you click the “camera “icon shown, the “upload an image” tab will be shown to you. This is where you have to upload an image by browsing the file of pasting the URL address. Paste the copied email address to begin the image search.

Forget about getting troubled by complicated technical options

At times, using certain tools can be a big problem because the interface they have is very complex. Users have to put all their technical intelligence to test for learning how to use them. The actual purpose is not spending more time on learning a tool than using it. Tools developed for performing reverse searches are easy enough for everyone to use. 

  • Users take decisions about using or not using a tool by having a lot at its layout. Due to the simplicity that these tools have, people do not face difficulties in using them. 

Preventing image plagiarism

Can you determine by looking at an image whether it is original or not? Image plagiarism is a serious issue causing problems for people who put in their all their energy and creative skills to come up with unique snapshots. Designing a brand logo is a typical scenario.

The first requirement that business owners need to meet is uniqueness. They have to come up with concepts that have not been used in the past. This technique helps in gathering attention and encouraging viewers that something different exists. Substandard brands and scam websites do not have the time or resources to come up with unique images.

Thus, they use the illegitimate and unprofessional shortcut of copying images. Both business owners and people looking for images can play their respective roles and eliminate this problem. The use of reverse image searching method is a key component in this case.

  • When you select an image and perform reverse image search, all appearances it has will be shown to you. As someone who has designed the image from the start, you can see if other links are using them and then adopt the necessary legal action.
  • People who are looking for images can also use this method to reach original authentic pictures. Always remember that accessing the original website for downloading pictures helps in giving credit to the actual creator. Along with that, at times, we get the desired image but the quality is simply unacceptable. This mostly happens when you are not accessing its original source. With reverse searching, you can view the outcomes and find the actual source.

What can you use reverse search for?

Can you use reverse searching for a lot of purposes? The answer to this question is yes. This simple but effective tactic can be used for countless reasons including finding related pictures. An example would provide with more understanding on this.

  • Consider that you have to find a picture of the shoes that your favorite comic actor wears. This does happen as we all follow our favorite celebrities and wish to gather the maximum possible details about them. If you use the normal searching strategy of using keywords, it will not be hard to find pictures of the actor. However, task of finding pictures of the shoes he wore would be quite tough. Even if you try various combinations of words, it will be tough to attain such specific outputs. 
  • By using reverse image search, it is quite possible to get the picture of the shoes the celebrity wore. All you have to do is upload one of his pictures and perform reverse search. The results generated will include all snapshots that have something in common with the uploaded picture. Therefore, you would be able to get the desired images.


Why do you need to burn hours on searching unnecessary content when you can get your hands on related information in no time? Reverse search offers a lot of positive aspects to users. They can get more articulated results without reading content on several websites. Text based searching does produce related results but when it comes to getting specific images, reverse searching is a lot better.

First of all, you don’t have to spend time on constructing different word combinations and then trying them. With this form of searching, you can view all potential results that connect to it. Hence, to find uncommon pictures, this is a smart technique. For instance, it is simple to get the pictures of a well-known actress but not the hat she wore for an award ceremony.

To perform, reverse searching on your computer, you can either use Google or opt for an online reverse search application. These tools do not cost anything. Other than that, they are used online so setups or installations are not needed. 

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