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How to Maximize Android performance for gaming and business

How to Maximize Android performance for gaming and business


Having the latest Android phone is something a number of tech-savvy millennials pride themselves on, as do the businessmen and women whose lives are constantly on the move. But making sure it is geared to perform at its peak for as long as possible is not always easy, especially if you are fond of the latest apps and games which, if not managed properly, can clog up the phone’s memory and slow everything down.

That is why we have put together this guide on how to maximize the performance of your Android phone for business and gaming.

System memory wipe

When you play a lot of different games throughout the day it can cache a lot of info to the phone’s system memory. That is why it is important to clear the system memory periodically, especially if your device does not come with the largest available RAM.

Installing more demanding games on Android such as Fortnite can make clearing RAM more important, so clearing your system memory will be of particular benefit to such gamers. Most phones have the ability to clear their own system memory, but this method is still recommended to make sure you keep the performance levels of the phone at their highest.

Keep the apps you use, the rest can go

The Google Play Store has a wide variety of games to choose from, including well-known titles such as Jelly Shift and Dr. Mario World, as well as more traditional options such as poker and blackjack which are available on casino gaming apps. Casino gaming is particularly popular on Android phones as they have such a wide variety of options. But playing the best slot games can lead to several versions of similar apps being installed on your phone.

Once you know which app is for you, make sure you uninstall the rest – one or two online casino apps are probably enough due to the number of games available in each, so the rest will just slow down the performance of the phone due to the high requirements.

Update the phone at regular intervals

This is important for business users as often updates are geared more towards those using a phone for work. You can go to the settings menu on most phones and make sure they update at a convenient time such as 4am when you are less likely to be using it.

Getting the best out of casino gaming apps

As mentioned above, casino gaming apps are some of the most popular as they offer a great range and variety of games. To get the best out of them, though, make sure you check the system requirements, ensuring compatibility and RAM levels are sufficient. The iGaming scene is particularly popular in New Zealand, where there are a wide variety of online casino operators competing for a share of the market.

To get the most out of the gaming experience, check for the best deals within your region. For example, those living in New Zealand could find free spins in New Zealand with a deposit requirement or without, as well as the best welcome bonus offers which often give gamers some nice cash to get them started.

Use cloud and free up phone memory

Using cloud storage to store your files is a great way to keep the phone memory clear. This is great for both gamers and business users as it will allow more memory to be used for important apps or documents. There are some programs out there that help make cloud storage smoother which can speed up phone performance.

The above are a few ways to help you keep your phone running smoothly so make sure you incorporate them into your regular routine.

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