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How to Improve Your YouTube Experience?

How to Improve Your YouTube Experience?


You have probably been using YouTube for a while now. It is the most popular video platform on the internet, with more videos than you could watch in your lifetime. Besides, content creators are uploading new videos regularly, and it is often difficult to keep up with channels that you have subscribed to.

Given how YouTube is so popular, it is no surprise to see the developers add new features to improve the overall user experience. You might be missing out on some of these features. Check the list below and find out how to get even more enjoyment from YouTube.

Download Videos to Your Computer

Sometimes, your favorite videos may be taken down by YouTube because the uploader breached copyright rules. There are also some instances when content creators themselves decide to delete or unlist videos and make them unavailable to the public.

If you wish to avoid losing access to your favorite videos, why not download them to your computer? There are converters online that will process a YouTube URL and create an MP4 video for you to download directly from the converter website.

Figuring out how to download youtube songs in mp3 should not be a problem either because you can also use one of many available online converters. Whether it is a music clip of a popular musician or a fan music video, you can get both the video and the mp3 version on your computer.

Use Shortcuts

Some would argue that you can enjoy videos on YouTube without needing to use keyboard shortcuts. However, you may find that using the computer’s keyboard for more than just typing keywords in the search bar is worth it.

You can pause and resume videos by using Spacebar or K, mute and unmute using M, increase or decrease the volume by pressing up and down arrows or bringing out the video in full-screen mode by clicking F. 

It may take some time to get used to these shortcuts. However, once you familiarize yourself with the combinations, they should help improve the YouTube experience.

Enable the Dark Mode

The dark mode comes in handy when you want to enjoy videos in low-lighting settings. Sure, you could use the full-screen mode and eliminate the white background that way, but some videos have a lackluster quality, and watching them in a higher resolution ruins one’s experience.

Thankfully, enabling the dark mode on YouTube is quite simple. Computer users need to click on their profile icon at the top-right corner, select the Appearance tab, and replace the light theme with the dark theme.

For those using YouTube on Android or iOS, you can enable the dark mode directly on your smartphone in the Appearance tab or go to the YouTube app and change the theme within the application.

Create Playlists

You may have more favorite videos than you can remember, and bookmarking them all on your browser seems like too much work. 

Take music videos, for example. Instead of opening multiple tabs manually every time, why not create a playlist that will be ready for you the next time you wish to listen to the same tunes? Besides, there is no limit to how many different playlists you can create, nor are there any restrictions to how long these playlists have to be. 

If you wish, you could also expand your playlists by adding new songs when you find a new track you enjoy.

Of course, these playlists do not have to be just about music. A series of funny videos, favorite episodes from your blogger, or livestream highlights are just a few examples of what a YouTube playlist could look like.

Check Trends

Remember the “Trending” section of YouTube if you are looking for new videos to watch. The section’s content might not always be what you are looking for, but it can be a nice change of pace from videos that you have been watching until now. And who knows, you may even discover a new content creator who will become your favorite after you watch a few of their videos.

Share Videos With a Timestamp

You do not need to complicate things if you want to share a video and have it played at a particular timestamp. 

No, if you want to show a particular part of a video, share a URL with a timestamp. To do so, stop the video at the right time and right-click on it. Select the “Copy video URL at current time” and paste the link. Now, when someone plays a video from the URL you shared, the video will start at the timestamp you chose.

Live Stream on the Platform

Another significant advantage of YouTube is its feature to run live streams. If you have a channel and want to have some fun with your audience or stream something to your friends, YouTube is one of the best platforms.

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