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Working! How To Ignore Messages On Messenger 100%

Working! How To Ignore Messages On Messenger 100%


Want to know how to ignore messages on messenger? Just follow up!

There are people that just need to be ignored, and some really don’t know how to ignore messages on messenger, but hey! I got a solution that will help you.

Sometimes you just want to ignore some people because of their incessant messages or the use of inappropriate emojis.

Ignoring them might just seem to be the perfect option.

It’s not really a big task, just follow my steps closely and you will ignore whomever you want in no time.

How To Ignore Messages On Messenger

Be sure to have your messenger app up to date as well before you begin these steps, but it will still work, either way, let’s begin.

1. Open your messenger App on your Android device.

2. Tap and hold on any chat conversation you wish to ignore then click the utility button.

How To Ignore Messages On Messenger

3. Tap on ‘ignore messages’.

How To Ignore Messages On Messenger

4. Tap on ‘ignore’ and that chat conversation will immediately be ignored and sent to spam.

How To Ignore Messages On Messenger

If you ever want to un-ignore a conversation on messenger, follow these steps.

  • Tap on the picture icon at the top left of your chat screen.
  • Tap message requests and then tap on spam,
  • Click and send a message to the chat thread you want to unignore and automatically that chat conversation will be unignored.


How do you know if someone is ignoring your messages on messenger?

You can’t know, because Facebook will not tell you when someone ignores your messages, but you will still be able to send messages to that person.

Will ignored messages show as delivered?

No, ignored messages will show as sent. But it won’t show as delivered to your ignored chat threads.


This is a feature that helps you chat freely without stress and in knowing how to ignore someone on messenger, you make it easy for you to have a free flow conversation without the worry of any incessant message that you don’t like.

Trust me, I have been there, that point where you have contacts that can really attempt to spoil your day with thoughtless and inappropriate conversations.

Now all you have to do is ignore them, sometimes you can choose to mute the conversation, but still, see their chat thread on your chat screen, so to totally eradicate that conversation for as long as you want, all you got to do is simply ignore and be done.

Thank you for viewing, I hope this really helped you in the way it should. Bye for now.

Beejay adoghe I'm Beejay Adoghe, I have always been a lover of tech and gadgets and subsequently, this led to creating a top-notch platform where I could share free basic information about Tech that'll help lots of people fix problems and learn new Techy trends. P.S I love Singing and Playing the piano.


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