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Finally! How To Free Up Space In Gmail The Easy Way

Finally! How To Free Up Space In Gmail The Easy Way


If you have been searching for how to free up space in Gmail and you’ve been finding it difficult, I want you to know that you are not alone.

I have been using Gmail for a pretty long time, and it turns out that the storage isn’t unlimited, I actually thought it was.

Basically, Google helps you to store messages, pictures and other attachments for free.

When you first sign up for Gmail, you are given free 15 GB to store files. If you use Google photos and drive, that 15 GB would be used up before you know it.

And this can affect your Gmail messages.


  • You won’t be able to receive messages.
  • You won’t be able to send messages.

You can only fix this in two ways.

  1. Free up space.
  2. Buy additional storage.

How To Free Up Space In Gmail (PC, Android, iPhone)

There are two methods to free up space in Gmail on your PC, Android or iPhone from your Gmail App.

1st Method:

1. Open Gmail.com on your PC and sign in with your details.

2. In the Email search box, type this has:attachment larger:10M, You should see a list of emails with attachments that are over 10 MB in size.

3. Delete the Emails by selecting them and clicking on the delete icon at the top right.

4. After deleting them, go to trash folder on your Gmail and empty trash.

You can rinse and repeat this process, simply replace the 10M with a lesser or higher number.

2nd Method

For the second method, you need to delete all the the messages in your Gmail spam folder.

Here’s how to do so;

1. Go to the spam folder on your Gmail.

2. Click or tap on Delete all spam messages now.

How To Free Up Space In Gmail

How To Clean Up Gmail Storage From Google Photos

Another way to clear space on your Gmail to enable you to send and receive messages is by deleting some photos on Google Photos. Here’s what to do.

The first thing you need to do is make sure your pictures are set to save on high storage.

Method 1 (Save Photo’s on high storage)

  1. Go to photos.google.com/settings
  2. Click on recover storage.

Method 2 (Deleting unwanted photos)

They might be photos you are not going to need, deleting images like that will help you free up space in Gmail.

  1. Go to https://photos.google.com
  2. Select the specify photos you want to get rid of and then delete.

Here are quick methods to free up space in gmail account.

There’s also one ultimate method to manage gmail storage. With this method you don’t need to delete anything from Google photos or Gmail.

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Buying Storage

Google has some amazing and quite affordable plans.

You can choose to go with the plans, I would advise you to go for any of the monthly plans other than losing important files.


How do I free up space on my Gmail account?

There are various methods you can use to free up space in Gmail account. The first would be to get rid of those emails that contains a large attachments. You can download the attachments on your computer so you won’t have to struggle with space. Deleting images from Google Photos, and deleting files from Google drive can be done to free up space in Gmail.

What happens when Gmail storage is full?

When you reach a certain threshold, you will get a warning from Google prompting you to free up storage or buy additional space. You won’t be able to receive or send messages when you are completely out of space.

How do I free up storage on Gmail?

One of the best method to free up storage on Gmail is by clearing a lot of messages on your inbox, especially those ones that contain attachments. After deleting them, make sure you empty your trash in Gmail.


There you have it guys, that is basically how to free up space in Gmail. I have always had a lot of people ask me in the past, how do I free up space in my Gmail account. I hope this article has been able to help you clear up space in Gmail.

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