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[Guide] CREATE WHATSAPP STICKERS Better Than Anyone Else

[Guide] CREATE WHATSAPP STICKERS Better Than Anyone Else


Do you want to be the best at creating WhatsApp stickers? I have got you covered my dear friend.

After reading this article and applying the steps listed below, you’ll create amazing stickers that’ll make your friends ask “how did you do that?”.

Back in the day there was nothing like WhatsApp stickers.


Those days where not so boring “chat-wise” but now, we both can have a more entertaining chat with our friends and family because of the introduction of WhatsApp sticker packs.

On WhatsApp, they are some cool stickers to choose from, but personally, I don’t like them.

Why settle for those stickers when you can create yours?

How do I make stickers on WhatsApp?

Whatsapp already gave tips on how to make your own stickers for WhatsApp, the steps are okay but totally not for everyone.

If you’ve already checked it out, you’d agree with me that it involves coding and that is a no-no for some.

However, there is a more simple approach that you can use.

Here goes;

Creating Stickers Via Third Party App

You’ll need the help of an app to create personalized sticker packs. Personalized sticker packs simply mean pictures of you as WhatsApp stickers.

How To Create WhatsApp Stickers On Android

1. Download sticker maker App for Android.

2. Launch the App on your Android device.

3. Tap on create sticker. (allow apps permission).

4. Tap on the add button and select your preferred picture.

5. Crop the image how you want it. you can also add a text, sticker or emoji to your sticker.

6. Click on save at the top right.

8. Give your sticker pack a name and click on save. The sticker will automatically be exported to WhatsApp.

If it does not add to your WhatsApp automatically, just click on the WhatsApp icon and then tap on Add.

How To Create WhatsApp Stickers On iPhone

You can achieve this with the help of a special app.

  1. Download Stickery.
  2. On the app tap on create new sticker pack.
  3. Choose the photos from your iPhone gallery. (You can also take an existing photo)
  4. Use your finger to crop the image to your desired shape. You can also remove the background of the image.
  5. Add text or color to make your sticker look more amazing.
  6. After creating the stickers, export them to WhatsApp, you can also export them to messages and Telegram.

How do I get more stickers on WhatsApp?

They are lots and lots of default stickers on WhatsApp that you can choose from, you will need to download them before you can use them, here’s how to download and use stickers.

How can I make my own WhatsApp stickers?

Making your own Whatsapp stickers is not difficult at all. All you need to do is download an external Whatsapp sticker maker app from the playstore if you are Android user, or from the Apple app store if you are an iOS user. After downloading you can use the app to create stickers for WhatsApp.

Which is the best WhatsApp sticker app?

There are a lot of WhatsApp stickers Apps that can be downloaded on Android and iphone devices and used to create amazing stickers. Here are the top 5 for me;

How do I transfer my WhatsApp stickers to my new phone?

This isn’t much of a problem. All you need to do to transfer your WhatsApp stickers to a new device is backup WhatsApp chat on the old phone and then restore chat history on the new phone.


They are a lot of ways to get new stickers for your Whatsapp chat. You can use the method in this article to create Whatsapp stickers yourself. If your contacts have cool stickers, you can also save theirs to your favorite stickers list.

Thanks for stopping by.

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