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How To Convert Google Doc To Pdf

How To Convert Google Doc To Pdf


When using Google docs, because it’s a smooth and reliable text platform that automatically saves your work to the google cloud, You might want to export or save your work n PDF format.

For that reason, I am going to show you how to convert Google Doc to pdf with just a few easy steps. You don’t have to worry, so many people have converted their works on Google docs to pdf using guides like this.

Google Docs doesn’t only have a platform where you can convert pdf but other text formats as well. When you do learn how to convert google doc to pdf, you can also open that pdf using any pdf reader available.

Although, Google docs can be complicated sometimes. You might have come across the solution while working with Googe Docs, you just maybe, can’t remember at the moment.

So let me help you get things back on track and help you convert that Google Docs work to pdf in no time.

Let’s begin.

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Steps On How To Convert Google Doc To pdf

Get your PC ready, sign in to your Google account and let’s get down to business.

  1. Open Googe Docs.

2. Open any document you want to convert.

How To Convert Google Doc To Pdf

3. Click on File.

How To Convert Google Doc To Pdf

4. Go to Download.

5. Click on ”PDF Document (.pdf)”.

And Voila! the Google docs file will immediately start downloading and export to your PC’s download location of choice in pdf format.

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How to save Google Docs As pdf On Computer

To accomplish this process, it’s recommended that you use Google chrome web browser.

Sign in to your Google account > Open Google Docs on a new tab > Click on any document you wish to convert > Click on File > Go to Download > Click on PDF Document (.pdf) > Now, your Google docs will be saved to a download location on your computer and you can view it later.


That’s a wrap on how to convert Google doc to pdf. As long as you follow the steps above correctly, your Google Document will be converted to pdf and saved on your computer, while you choose the download location where you want the pdf document to appear.

You can also open that document with a pdf reader, and it won’t give you any trouble opening, now that the format has been changed. It also won’t alter your Original Google docs. You only export and convert the one you wish to use outside of Google docs.

That’s how easy it is to convert Google docs to pdf, f you have any further questions, just drop a comment below, and I will attend to it as soon as possible.

Thanks for your time, bye.

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