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Working! How To Change Username On Telegram In Minutes

Working! How To Change Username On Telegram In Minutes


After reading this article, you will know how to change username on telegram. Almost all social media applications require that you create a username, this name is unique to you alone.

While signing up for most social media platforms, users are usually asked to choose a cool username that must contain upper and lower case letters and also numbers.

Of all the social media platforms that require usernames, telegram is one of few that let you change username whenever you want to.

What is Username in telegram?

Your username on telegram can be used to initiate a chat with you without the initiator having your phone number on his or her phone.

Telegram automatically creates a special link to chat with you once you set the username. You can find this link by going to settings and tapping on your username. All you would have to do is share the link with anyone and it will automatically open a chat with you.

If you change your username, a new link will be generated, the former link won’t work anymore.

Here’s how to change username on telegram.

How Can I Change My Username In Telegram

1. Open telegram app on your android or iOS device.

2. Tap on the utility button located at the top left. (The hamburger menu)

how to change username on telegram

3. Tap on settings.

how to change username on telegram

4. Next up, tap on your current username and then input a new username.

how to change username on telegram

5. Tap on the okay button to complete.

And that’s all there is to know, telegram username changed with ease. If you haven’t set a telegram username before, you can do that by following the same steps listed above.

How can I add username in telegram?

If you haven’t added a username on telegram, here’s what to do. Open telegram > Go to settings > Click on username > Set your username.

What is telegram User ID?

Telegram User ID are a series of characters and numbers or symbols used for unique identification on Telegram. You can create yours right away. With a telegram User ID or Username, people can get chatting with you on telegram without having your mobile number.

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I hope this short guide has been able to help you with how to change username on telegram. After choosing your preferred username, the system will spend a little time to check if the username has been used by someone else, if it has, you’ll need to think of another username.

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