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How To Change My Twitter Username

How To Change My Twitter Username


Changing an unfortunate birth name can seem so cumbersome, but it isn’t the same condition when you want to change your twitter username. How you portray yourself matters a lot, so it’s essential that you also focus on searching for a username that would suit your personality. 

On Twitter, there’s no hassle attached to changing both your display name and username. And, another interesting thing is, there is no set limit to the number of times you can change your username and display name, too. To further explain, your display name and username as well, are two different things — the username serves as your unique twitter handle, this is the name you used to log in.

Oh! I almost skipped explaining about the display name: the display name has its position above your username on your profile page. People on Twitter are likely to recognize you by your display name. If you desire to change your username, here’s the article suitable for guiding you through the process. 

We will focus on just giving solution to this: “how to change my Twitter username.”

How To Change My Twitter Username

Step 1: Login to your twitter account

Just the usual way you login to your twitter account using your username and password — login with such process. Note that, you can also login using the twitter app on your tablet and phone. 

Step 2: Access the Account Settings

Next thing to do is: click on your profile image — but, if you can’t find that, click on the gear icon. The gear icon is positioned between the twitter button in the upper-right corner and the search bar. Afterward, click on settings and privacy close to the center of the list that shows after you click on the gear icon. 

The account tab opens by default, but if it doesn’t open, click on the account option in the menu.

Step 3: Change Your Username

Input your desired username — the new username you want to change to — in the text field which is immediately next to Username (or in the tab for username in the app). It shouldn’t be above 15 characters, so look for a befitting username that doesn’t exceed 15 characters and input in this text field. 

If the name has been chosen by someone else, a message will appear informing you that there’s a need to try something else. The new username you want to use can contain only alphanumeric characters — and note that you must not use these two words: “Twitter” and “Admin.”

If your account is verified, ensure that you contact and alert twitter and inform them of your desired move — to change the username. Don’t make changes if you haven’t informed them, because immediately you change your username, you’d lose your badge — the badge which indicates that you are verified. 

This is how you can change your twitter username without stress. And, as stated already, you can change your username anytime. The steps are easy, right? That’s what we do, to make it completely easy for you to understand. 

Thanks for reading.

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