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How To Change Google Assistant Voice On Your Android Device

How To Change Google Assistant Voice On Your Android Device


How To Change Google Assistant Voice

How to change Google Assistant voice


Can you change the accent of Google assistant?

Sure thing, you can change the way your Google assistant sounds. You know? Give it that amazing female British accent or male American accent. Just launch Ok Google on your device >> Explore >>Settings >>Assistant >> Assistant voice >> select your preferred voice.


Google has a killer feature known as the Google assistant.

Google assistant can be described as an artificial virtual assistant developed by Google with the aim of creating a conversational online aid for its users.

Google is likely the most popularly used search engine in the world and this is because of its swift and amazing features. Also, Google is renowned for providing quality service to its users over the years.

For those that do not really understand what Google assistant is and the services it provides, let me enlighten you.


Google assistant is a Google app feature that is embedded in smartphones to help ease you and make your Android experience better.

How does Google do this?

Google fetches possible results to your command (voice), this feature is very accessible as long as you have a Google account and a smartphone.


What exactly does this feature offer?

Undoubtedly, Google assistant literally does almost everything for you as long as you have vocally input a command Google understands (telling Google what to do).

You can hear and see results in a few seconds after a search with Google assistant, the provided results can range from web searches to phone accessibility/operation and even website references.

Google assistant acts like a human assistant, who wouldn’t want to have an assistant that can run errands for you? Google thought it wise to provide a better experience by unveiling this amazing feature.

First, you have to enable this feature on your smart device, then you can now access this feature with the communication enabled, you can proceed to change Google assistant voice if you aren’t comfortable with the default voice provided. Google provides you with a list of different voices you can change to, this setting is made flexible to sooth different users with different preferences.

Without further ado, Let us proceed to show you how to change Google assistant voice, please read and follow carefully.



How To Change Google Assistant Voice

  • Long press your home key to get to the Google assistant platform.
  • Tap on the “Explore” icon that looks like a compass.

    change google assistant voice


  • Tap on the three vertically arranged dots.

    change google assistant voice


  • Tap on Settings.

    change google assistant voice

  • Tap on “Assistant”.

    change google assistant voice

  • Tap on “Assistant voice”.

    change google assistant voice

  • Select a voice of your choice represented by different colors to replace the current voice.

    change google assistant voice




If you have followed the above-listed steps, then you’ll discover how interesting and useful this feature is.

Google presents you with 8 significant voices, both male and female with different vocal range and strength.


Wanna know what each voice sounds like?  As you tap on each of the colors you’d hear the voices assigned to each color and it’s quite easy to make a choice from there.

NOTE: Google Assistant voice options may not be present on some devices because of your Google assistant language setting.

How do I change the voice on OK Google? (With more finesse)

There is also an easy way to change Google assistant voice by just giving the “voice change” command. Pick p your device >> Launch the Google Assistant >> Say, Change your voice. You can repeat this command for as many times you want Google to change its voice.


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  1. Wow. You always know how to discover things. I sure didn’t know th the voice changing settings is right there. Nice one.


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