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[Guide] How To Add Someone On Telegram 2021

[Guide] How To Add Someone On Telegram 2021


Having issues on how to add someone on Telegram?

It is very easy to add someone on telegram, so, don’t get restless about this. I’m going to make this post as easy and concise as possible.

I’m not going to bore you with stories, but ready to give you detailed information about how this works and how easy it can be done over and over again.

Telegram is one of the best, efficient, and fast-growing messaging platforms that share messages, images, and other files as you go. But Telegram is no fun without people to talk with.

Here’s how to add someone on telegram.

How To Add Someone On Telegram.

There is just one simple method to do this, with ease, so, if you follow my steps, you’re going to get there in no time.

Let’s go!.

1. Open your telegram app.

2. Confirm you have a public username via settings in the telegram app, by tapping on the menu icon at the top left.

How To Add Someone On Telegram
How To Add Someone On Telegram

3. Set your username, if you don’t have one already so that you can be visible for anyone to search and add you without having your mobile number.

How To Add Someone On Telegram

4. Back to the home screen, tap on the message icon at the bottom right.

How To Add Someone On Telegram

5. Search for the username of the person you wish to add, via the search icon at the top then, send your friend a message.

How To Add Someone On Telegram

6. You can also add a friend from your contact list.

In just 6 simple steps, you are done. Follow these steps carefully, in confirming your username, you need to set a username that can be easily searched for.

If you want your friend to add you, you can send your username, without sending your number and he/she will add you easily, using these steps above.

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Do you need a phone number for telegram?

Of course, you do, this is how people that have your number will see you on their contact list and add you and start a chat with you.

How can I add someone in telegram by username?

It’s very easy to add someone by their username. Go to the message icon, at the bottom right of your telegram home screen > search for their username and all the names similar to that username will appear > then, select the right one from there.

Who can I write to?

You can write to anyone on your contact list or search for them via their username and when the appropriate username comes up, tap on it, and send a message.

How do I invite my friends?

Simply go to the menu option by pressing on the menu button at the top left, > then go to invite friends and send the person you want to invite a message and an invite link as well.


Now, you have understood how to add someone on telegram without stress. It doesn’t get easier than that.

The steps I have shown you right now, are steps that have been tested and they work. You have nothing to worry about, you can now add as many people to your telegram as you want, and chat with them.

Nevertheless, if you find any trouble using the steps above, just let me know, by sending a comment, via the comment section and I will respond to you swiftly.

Thanks for stopping by!

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