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How Google Ban Will Affect Huawei Users & Company’s Future

How Google Ban Will Affect Huawei Users & Company’s Future


Rising tensions between Trump’s U.S. administration and Chinese tech giant Huawei recently resulted in a key ruling that could prove decidedly damaging for not only the world’s second largest cell phone manufacturer and its customers but to all involved in its supply chain. This includes numerous U.S. based tech companies to the extent that the ripple effect would push back the rollout schedule for 5G networking, both domestically and in several international regions.

Since Trump’s signing of the ruling which bans all domestic companies from engaging in any business transactions with the China based tech company, with these trade restrictions in place U.S. businesses will continue withholding the supply of key technologies and services essential across a broad spectrum of Huawei’s manufacturing process. The ban not only affects the production of its mobile device range, but it also extends to crucially important chipsets required in numerous other fields, including components needed in the global rollout of 5G networks.

If the ban holds for any significant period of time Huawei needs to face and overcome numerous major obstacles, the most significant of which is Google breaking-off its Android O.S. licencing deal authorising Huawei to use the Android operating system for powering the company’s cellular mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets.

A secondary factor primarily affecting the sales and services of Huawei’s largest market is Google’s withholding access to its licensed services such as Google Play Store, YouTube, and smorgasbord and others widely employed by Android users across the globe. This could spell disaster for people such as punters who regularly use their smart devices to place bets and receive updates on the latest results. Such users may want to consult with a prime online affiliate such as Betenemy to access their comprehensive list of sportsbooks that provide APK installation files from sources other than Google.

The third main fly in Huawei’s ointment is finding reputable replacements for the U.S. chipset manufacturers now forbidden from doing business with the company.

Individually these factors would each signify a major disaster, combined it represents a cataclysmic catastrophe for the Chinese manufacturer, which the company needs to urgently address, overcoming issues quickly and effectively if it wants to survive.

For the immediate future, Google somewhat allayed the fears of Huawei mobile device owners, when in a recent press release the online service tech company committed to continue providing its full range of services and updates to users already owning and using Huawei mobile smart devices.

Huawei, in a similar statement via a company spokesperson, said the smartphone maker would continue providing full support for its complete range of current devices, including all future O.S. security updates.

The Trump administration’s primary reason for approving the ruling stems from long-standing, yet unsubstantiated suspicions accusing Huawei from secretly abusing its cellular technology via back-doors built into its devices to assist in the illegal or unconstitutional gathering of information on the U.S. and other foreign powers in collusion with Chinese state powers in Beijing.

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