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[Guide] How Do I Delete A Skype Account 2021?

[Guide] How Do I Delete A Skype Account 2021?


How Do I delete a Skype Account?


Launch Skype Application > Click on your profile name, at the top left > Click on settings > Click on Close your account > Sign in to your account one more time > Verify your account > Input the verification code > Click on next to proceed > Check all the boxes on the next page > Give your reason for leaving Skype > Then, click on Mark account for closure.

A date will be set for your account to be closed. Check your email or Gmail to see the date or your messages, if you opened the account via phone number.

Hey there!

Still looking for more information on how to delete Skype account on PC?

Well, welcome, here I’m going to show you how it’s done in just a few simple, concise steps.

I will provide images to enable you to follow the guide correctly without missing a single step.

Closing your Skype account is a big deal for Microsoft and the developers of the application, so they might want to ensure it is actually you closing the account and not an intruder or hacker.

So, deleting your account via android may prove stubborn, and unresponsive. It is rather advisable and recommended to get this done once and for all, using a PC, which is way more effective and conclusive.

You don’t have to worry, I’ve got you covered.

So, shall we begin?

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Steps: How Do I Delete A Skype Account On PC

1. Open your Skype application.

2. Click your Account name, at the top left.

How Do I Delete A Skype Account

3. Scroll down, and click on Settings.

How Do I Delete A Skype Account

4. Tap on ‘close account‘ on the new pop-up screen.

How Do I Delete A Skype Account

5. Sign in to your Skype account, with either your Google account or phone number.

How Do I Delete A Skype Account

6. Verify your identity on the account.

{If you created the account with a phone number, a code will be sent to it. If it was a google account, a code will be sent to your Gmail}.

How Do I Delete A Skype Account

7. Input the verification code and proceed.

skype verification

8. On the next screen scroll down, and tap ‘next’.


9. Check all the boxes and give a reason why you’re leaving Skype, then click ‘Mark account for closure’

How Do I Delete A Skype Account

How Do I Delete A Skype Account

10. Next up, a date will be set for closure of the account.

Note that, the account won’t close immediately, it might give you a period of time, before it finally closes, just in case you change your mind.


Can I delete Skype account without deleting Microsoft account?

Yes, it’s possible, but also very tricky. If you go about deleting your Skype account without unlinking it from your Microsoft account, both accounts will be wiped away.

Then, you’ll have issues logging into your Microsoft account later.

If you encounter this problem, just go to your Gmail/email and a message from Microsoft will be there, asking you if you wish to reopen your account.

Then, you can get your Microsoft account back on track.

Can I unlink Skype from Microsoft account?

This is also tricky, in un-linking your Skype and Microsoft account, you might loose all the products, purchased by you on Skype.

If there are any Skype subscriptions or credit available, you are advised to use them up before proceeding to unlink Skype from Microsoft.

Then, don’t forget to backup your contacts and chats as well.

Here’s how to unlink Skype from Microsoft.

Open and sign in to your account > On Accounts details, select Account settings > At linked accounts area, select ‘Unlink’ close to your Microsoft account profile ID > Read the information that will pop-up and proceed to unlink your account > Then, close the account.

What happens when you delete Skype account?

Deleting your Skype account will permanently remove your subscription, products you purchased, contacts, chats, and any other data in the account.

It will also take up to 30 days for your account and every things concerning your details to be permanently deleted from the directory of Skype by Microsoft.

This also gives you quality time to rethink your deleting decision, and a chance to reopen the account once again, if you wish.


That was good guys, thank you for stopping by, now you know how to delete Skype account in just 10 easy steps.

If you’re still having any issue with the guide above, drop a comment below and we will give you a soothing solution,.


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