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How To Hide Active Status on Facebook Messenger | Working!

How To Hide Active Status on Facebook Messenger | Working!


Facebook Messenger is a communication platform (App) built with the aim of keeping you connected to your friends, family and loved ones from any distance or location.

Facebook Messenger communicates via text messages, media messages, or calls (it also features verbal and visual communication).

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This messaging app was designed by Facebook and first embedded in the Facebook main app, but at some point, Facebook decided to modify it to be a stand-alone app.

Hide Active Status on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger by default indicates active when you’re online, some persons at different intervals do not want to be seen online or do not want to appear active whilst on the Messenger or Facebook.

Do you want to secretly go online without having to be vulnerable to your list of Facebook friends?

Are you too busy to respond to messages but you have to be online for specific reasons? or probably you just love your privacy?

Personally, sometimes I prefer to be on the low, just observing and not willing to respond to conversations.

If you fall into any of the categories, You do not have to nurse second thoughts before going online Facebook Messenger anymore.

Yes, you can hide your active status on Facebook messenger and we are going to show you how.

Don’t you think this is really cool? You stand a better chance of avoiding to explain why you are active and snubbing messages on Facebook.

Facebook Messenger is well built to suit all kind of Users had put all this into consideration while developing the App.

We are going to give you a list of steps and images to guide you through the process of trying to Hide Active status on Facebook messenger.

How To Hide Active Status on Facebook Messenger

  • Launch Your Facebook Messenger App
  • At the top of your App screen, tap on your photo to launch your profile.
How to turn off active status on Facebook
  • Tap on ‘Active Status’.
How to turn off active status on Facebook
  • Turn off
How to turn off active status on Facebook
  • Tap turn off on the Notification Message.
How to turn off active status on Facebook

Facebook clearly explains that you’ll appear active unless you turn off the setting everyplace you are using Messenger or Facebook.

Note: If you turn off your Active settings, you would not also be able to see when your friends and contacts are active or recently active.

When you turn off your active status, you will still receive messages sent to you, but the green dots that indicate that you are active would not be present.

By following the above-listed steps with explanatory images for clarity, I hope you must have achieved your aim on how to hide active status on Facebook messenger.

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