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Amazing New Features For Your Google Account 2017

Amazing New Features For Your Google Account 2017


Google New Features 2017

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Some time ago I wrote a post about WhatsApps update in their privacy policy. Today I will tell you about Google’s new update. Google has introduced optional features for all accounts, that will give users more control over the data that Google collects and how this data is used while allowing Google to show users more relevant ads. All you will have to do is agree to the new terms.
All Google account users should see a pop up on their phone or a notification, this will prompt you to agree to the new terms if you agree? relevant ads would be shown to you whenever you access any of Googles service, be it youtube, Google maps, Google chrome and other Google services. If you do not agree? Nothing will change, normal ads will be shown to you, and you might probably miss out all the cool stuff Google has planned for you. After that being said, let’s quickly move to the three musketeers.

What, Why and How.


What Changes If You Agree To These Google New Features?


More information will be made available on your Google account, this will make it easier for control and review. When you use Google services like youtube and Google search, you generate data, this data you generate can be used by Google for your good. The data you generate comes from things like ”what you search for” and  ”videos you have watched”. You can find and control this data by going to your Google account, and web and app activity setting section. Browsing from Google chrome and activity from websites and applications that partner with Google, including those that show Google ads also serves as data for Google.

Google will use this information to make ads more relevant for you. When you log in ”My account”, the ads personalization setting lets Google use the data in your account to show you relevant ads in Google products. This setting will also let Google use the data in your account to improve ad relevance on websites and apps that are partnering with Google.
These settings apply across all your signed-in devices and across all of Googles services, the settings can be changed anytime in ”My account”. Most people after reading up to this point will be scared. well, you really don’t have to be.

  • Google does not sell personal information about you to anyone.
  • You are in charge and in control of the types of information google collects and use at ”Your account”


Why Does Google Collect Data?

The data Google collects helps to make their services faster, smarter and more useful for users. For example, when you allow Google maps to know your location, the app can show you the quickest way home. Some of the data collected by Google comes from their own products and some of it comes from the sites you visit that partner with Google.
google new features

What If You Use Multiple Google Accounts?

Not to worry, you can control your settings for each Google account separately. But if you use more than one account simultaneously ( at the same time ) Google will apply the settings from your default account. Your default account is the first account you use each time you sign into a new browser. On a mobile device, the default account depends on the apps you use and the operating system.

Why Do Ads Matter And How Does Google Decide What Ads To Show?

Ads allow Google to offer youtube, Gmail, search maps, and many other services for free. When you use these services, Google’s goal is to make the ads you see there as relevant to you as possible. Ads allow other sites and applications to offer their content for free. Many sites and apps that you use rely on Google to provide the ads they show. This makes it possible for Google to use the information in your Google account to improve the ads that Google shows you while you are signed in and visiting those sites and apps.
While Google tries to show you the best ads possible, they know that they always don’t get it right, and that’s why users have ways to control the ads they see.

How Does Google Give You Control Over Your Information?

Google created ”My account” to give users a central place where they can quickly access and manage their information, users also have easy to use settings that allow them to decide how they want Google services to work for them.
There are two key privacy settings in ”My account” 
  • Your web and app activity setting lets you control the data you generate when using Google services, things like what you search for and the result you select. Google uses this data to improve your experience and give you better search result.
  • Your ads personalisation setting lets Google use the data from your account such as the searches you have made and your location, This makes the ads Google shows you more relevant and useful. If you turn on these new features, Google can use data to improve the relevance of ads on the sites and apps that partner with Google.
If you decide not to agree to these new features, your google experience, and your settings will stay the same, this new feature brings no harm to your account, Google simply thinks that the new features will make your Google experience better.
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