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13 Reasons Why You Must Use Google Keep App On Android

13 Reasons Why You Must Use Google Keep App On Android


Google Keep Android Review

Google keep app

Hi, If your eyes are on this post then my guess is you are one of them tech geeks.

Well, today is surely going to be promising, we have put together an amazing post on the new and trending Google Keep App.

This Google note taking app is simply a hybrid android application that you can use to keep up with your to-do-list, save important memos and blah blah blah.

Don’t mind the blah’s, I’ll tell you all you need to know about ”Google Keep App”.

13 Reasons, why you must use Google keep App

Before I go ahead to debrief you on why you should use this ”Google note taking app”, I’ll start by telling you how you can install Google keep on your device;

Installing Google keep on your device

Google keep is available for download on Play store.

Just head over to Google Play store, type in Google keep in the search box, and then tap on the first result which would be ”Google keep”.

Then, tap on install.

After installation, Open the installed App and finally tap on ”get started” to start using the Google keep App.

If you get a prompt to select a Google account, Simply select the account you want to associate with Google keep.

So, That’s basically how to install Google Keep app on your Android device.

Here’s a quick link to Google keep app on play store DOWNLOAD GOOGLE KEEP.

If you encounter any issues while trying to install the Google keep app, Kindly let us know.

Moving on;

Now it’s time to talk about the 13 reasons why you should use Google keep app on your device.

Google Keep lets you create nice/fancy to-do-lists

Here’s one that you would like;

”Google keep App” boasts of an amazing to-do-list that has actual boxes that you can check/tick after completing tasks.

This cool list mode can be accessed in the app by following the steps below;

  • Open Google Keep App
  • Tap the list icon located at the bottom.
Google keep list
  • Add an item and then tap on ”List item”.
Google keep list
  • You can add more items if you want to.
  •  Select a nice title for your To-do-list.

You won’t find a save button, pressing the back button automatically saves your list.

You can also modify your to-do-list, By modify I mean edit and delete items on your list

Cool Right?

You can delete items on your list by tapping on the item and finally tapping on the (x) symbol just beside the item.

To edit an item, simply tap on the particular item and change the text to your desired text.

Google Keep App lets you Add Images to notes.

I don’t know about you, but for me? This is the first note app that I have seen that lets you add images to notes on Android.

Like I said ”For me”, So don’t judge me. (smiles)

Adding images to notes is simply a walk in the park for the Google Keep app.

So, How do you add images to notes on the app?

  • Open the Google Keep App.
  • Tap on the camera icon located at the bottom right.
Google keep list
  • Tap on ”take photo” to take a new photo or tap on Choose image to select from your mobile storage.
Google keep list
  • You can also add a title and text to the image.

And there you have it;

Set reminders on Google keep

In incredible hulks voice ”What’s a note keeping app without a reminder feature?”

The Keep app also boast of a reminder feature, this feature is quite fascinating as it works not just with time but also location.

Am telling you, this made my jaws drop…….

Setting a reminder in ”Google keep” is not as difficult as Riding a bike for the first time or asking your crush out on a date;

Nope, it’s way easier….


  • Open your Google Keep app.
  • Select a note you want to set a reminder for.
  • Tap the icon that looks like a pointed finger, located at the top of your app screen.
Google keep reminder
  • Set a reminder based on time or based on location (place).
  • Tap on save.

Share notes and add collaborators in keep

Here is the 4th reason why you really should install Google keep on your Android device,

The keep App lets you share your notes and to-do lists with your friends and family.

Cool right? yeah.

To share notes and add collaborators on keep;

  • Open Google keep.
  • Tap on the note you want to share.
  • Tap the utility button located at the bottom right.
google keep add collaborator
  • Add collaborator by tapping on the collaborator icon.
google keep add collaborator
  • Give Google keep access to your contacts by selecting Allow if prompted.
  • Enter the email address of the person you want to share your note with.
  • Finally, tap save to share.

Convert Audio to text format on Google keep

Feeling lazy to type a note on Google keep? Then just speak and let the app write for you.

This cool amazing feature on Google keep App automatically transcribes your note to text.

How do you achieve this?

  • Open keep.
  • Tap on the little microphone icon located at the bottom.
Google keep audio to text
  • Record your note.
Google keep audio to text

After you must have finished recording your note via audio, it will then be automatically transcribed to text with the audio recording alongside.

You can play the recording anytime by pressing the play button.

Sort your notes with Labels on Google keep

If you are the type that takes a LOT of notes, then this feature might come in handy for you, Labels on the keep makes sorting as sweet as honey.

  • Open Google Keep App.
  • Tap on the note that you want to add a label.
  • Tap the utility icon at the bottom right.
Google keep label
  • Select Labels.
Google keep label
  • Choose from an existing label or add your note to a new label.

Draw images on Google Keep

Google keep, also has the feature that lets you draw images.

Drawing on Google keep is fun, you will be provided with an eraser, a pen, marker and highlighting buttons.

It is easy to open the Draw interface, you can do this by;

  • Opening Google keep
  •  Tap on the pen icon located at the bottom.
Google keep label
  • Choose from the Pen, marker, highlight tool.
Google keep draw images

Start drawing,

You can also erase by tapping on the eraser icon.

In this mode, you also have the power to select and move a drawing by tapping on the select icon and then drag your drawing to whichever position you want.

Extract text from Image using Google keep

Here is my favorite thing about Google keep,

The app has the ability to extract text from images;


All you will need to do is add an image to Google keep and then use the ”Grab Image text” to automatically get the text on an image transcribed to text on your note.

How to ”Grab text from Image” on Google keep.

  • Open Google keep.
  • Upload an image or choose from an existing photo.
  • Click on the utility button at the top right.
Google keep get image from text
  • Tap on ”Grab image text”.
Google keep get image from text

Google keep Online

Another fun part about Google keep is ”Google Keep Online”.

Google keep online, just like WhatsApp web and Facebook Messenger Web, gives you access to your account by simply opening a specific URL on your web browser.

Google keep online comes in handy when you are on your personal computer and you want to probably write a new note or access your notes.

To use ”Google keep online” just open this URL in a web browser;


Export Google Keep notes to Google Doc

Google Docs, is a very powerful note editor tool, with so many editing and writing options to choose from.

However, Google keep on the other hand is not so popular when it comes to editing notes in a grand style, so Google decided to link Google keep with Google Docs.

To export Google keep notes to Google doc is as simple as could be.


  • Open the App (Google keep).
  • Long press on any note you would like to export.
  • Tap on the More icon at the top left.
Google keep app
  • Select Copy to Google Doc.
google keep app

Your note will then be available for you to edit on Google Doc;

Open Google Docs website and then Select your Google Keep note.

Color Code notes on Google Keep App

This feature also comes in handy when you want to distinguish between notes on Google keep.

Adding a color to a specific note is easy;

  • Open Google keep app.
  • Select the note you want to add color to.
  • Tap on the utility button located at the bottom right.
google keep color note
  • Select your desired color from the list of colors.
google keep color note

Add Labels Easily Using this trick

This trick lets you add labels with so much ease;

You can do this by;

  • Open Google Keep app
  • Select the note you want to include in a label.
  • Type this symbol in the note #
  • A list of your existing labels will appear, make your choice and that’s all.

Delete and Archive Notes on Google Keep app

Here’s another reason why you should use Google keep;

This Google note taking app doesn’t just give you magical powers to create nice list and notes. It also gives you the ability to delete and archive notes.

To Archive Notes;

  • Open a note.
  • Then, tap on the archive button located at the top right of your screen.

To Delete Notes;

  • Open a note.
  • Tap on the utility button located at the bottom right and select delete.

I have used Google keep alongside other note apps, and I must say, Google keep is the Bomb!

Quick question,

Did I mention that Google Keep App for Android is Lightweight? Well, Yes it is.

So, Head over to Play store and get this amazing Google note taking app, trust me, you won’t regret it.


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