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25 Google Docs Features That Only Professionals Use

25 Google Docs Features That Only Professionals Use


Google Docs is one of the best online word processors you’ll ever see. Today, I’ll be sharing with you some of the best Google docs features I bet you didn’t know about.

It’s amazing what can be done with Google docs, naturally, Google docs can be used to create, edit, format documents, and lots more from the comfort of your home with your PC on your lap.

Google Docs is extremely popular, almost everyone uses it.

But about 65% of those people don’t know these features that i;m about to list for you.

There are about 25 cool features that I will share with you. Are you ready? Let’s get on with it then.

List Of The 25 Google Docs Features

  1. Clear Formatting

This is a very simple feature that many haven’t realized, we all see the format tab at the top of our google docs document screen, but we don’t know the many cool things that can be done from that tab.

Have you ever been in a situation where you copied an important text from somewhere and pasted it on your document text page then, some part of the text might seem to be out of place and needs editing?

Instead of deleting and rewriting the text, you can simply highlight the displeasing text > click on the format tab at the top left on top of your toolbar > then, click on clear formatting.

Just like that, the highlighted text will be formatted accordingly.

There is a very simple shortcut that works too, you can simply tap on the clear formatting icon at the top right, the last icon the toolbar list.

google docs features
google docs features

2. Add Fonts.

Usually, when you wish to start typing with google docs or choose to paste a copied text, the font that will be used will be the google docs system default font.

Mind you, there are a whole lot of fonts that can be used, you have access to them, so all you have to do, when you wish to change your font is > click on the font tab on your toolbar list, at the top > choose your preferred font and > go back to you typing page and enjoy your new font.

If you have already written something on the page and you need to change the font of some specific text, then highlight the text you wish to change and go through the process again.

3. Table of Contents

You are writing a project, a book, or any document that is probably long and has some subheading and subsections, you’ll probably need a Table of contents.

Instead of scrolling down and looking for each subheading and subsection, you can simply add a ‘table of content’ sidebar that will help you categorize your work.

Click on the Insert tab on top of your google docs toolbar > then, scroll and click on Table of contents.

google docs features

4. Templates

Most times, we want to write a proposal, a resume, a business letter, or notes and we have no idea where to start from. Instead of searching for how to write a template, you can simply use this feature that many of us overlook.

It stares you right in the face every time you enter google docs homepage and yet, we might pass it and go straight to the blank document page and start scratching our heads, trying to figure out where to start from.

Simply choose one of the templates that suits your interests and you’re good to go.

5. Create a Folder

Life is sweet and better when things are organized, so, should your google docs be. There is a very easy way to do this.

Got to your google drive > click on the New tab at the top left > then from the drop-down list, click on Folder > name the new folder and click Create.

Your new folder will be automatically created and visible for you to see.

6. The Explore/Research Tool

This tool is very important when you’re writing a project, business letter, note, or proposal and you need a couple of information to add to make your work authentic.

Click on the Tools tab on top of the toolbar > Click on Explore > a dialog will pop-up at the right, there you can research for anything you want without actually leaving google docs to ask Google.

You can also use the shortcut tool, that is press and hold Ctrl + alt + shift the tap I then, you’re good to go.

google docs features


While writing and creating interesting documents, and you wish to ask questions, highlight your text changes, or makes notes then you might need the comment tab to help you reach out to those people you intend to reach out to.

The steps to activate this feature is very simple, click on the Tools tab > click on comments and if you have added any comments to your document, that option will be highlighted or you to select, if not you won’t be able to use that option.

A shortcut tool is simply to press and hold Ctrl +alt then tap M.

google docs features

8. Suggestion Mode

While typing and editing your text, there are times when you feel you should input some changes, but you don’t feel like it is the right time to do so.

You can decide to suggest that change and come back later when you feel it should be in your document and input it if you please.

This feature will totally help you with that, simply click on tools > then, click on review suggested edits and add and see your previous suggestions.

Simple shortcut tool is by pressing and holding Ctrl + alt + O or you can try Ctrl + alt + U, both shortcuts work perfectly.

google docs features

9. Dictionary

This particular feature is ignored by most people. Why use an external dictionary when you have one in Google Docs?

It is very important to search for words or conform for the correct meaning and spelling of a word while writing so that you don’t mislead the person reading your document.

Click on the Tools bar > then, click on Dictionary. Use the shortcut key, press and hold Ctrl + shift + Y and your dictionary dialog will pop-up at the right and you can search for any word now.

google docs features

10. Voice Typing

Tired of typing with your hands? You’re getting really slow and you need to keep up the pace, well, you can type now with just your voice.

Here’s a simple voice typing feature that many didn’t know existed, well now you do, it works better if you’re using a headset that has a mouthpiece.

Click on the popular Tools tab > click on voice typing and then click on the voice mic icon that will appear at the left and you can now speak into your mic.

The shortcut key is Ctrl + shift + S.

google docs features

11. Footnote

You can be writing and you wish to put a note somewhere in your document and instead of creating a small subheader or subsection, you can simply put a small footnote that has its own numbering.

All you’ve got to do is write the notes that you want and space it from the main document body and keep writing.

This is how it’s done, click on Insert > click on Footnotes and it will insert a footnote into your document and you can save all the notes you want to make there.

Simple shortcut key is Ctrl + alt + F.

google docs features

12. Find and Replace

Do you want to find and replace a word or series of texts on your document without searching with your eyes to see the word and then clear and type again?

All you have to do is to go to Edit > then, click on Find and Replace, at the bottom and you can type in a new word and replace the current word with it.

The shortcut key for that is Ctrl + H.

google docs features

13. Break: Page Breaker

With this cool Google docs feature, you can break the page and give it a cool, organized look. Instead of typing for a long time on just one page, over and over.

You can simply break your document page and attach other text there, and make your work have some sort of control.

This is just how it works, simply click on Insert > then, click on Break > then, you can select either the page breaker or the section breaker for either the next page or continuously.

Use this shortcut key to add as many page breakers as fast as you want, Ctrl + Enter.

google docs features

14. Header and Footer

Have you ever used a header before, basically everyone has, both header and footer are used continuously, every time we want to write a project, business letter, proposal, or more official notes.

So, I’m going to show you how to use the header option without stress, simply click on Format > click on Headers and Footers and choose either header or footer you want to insert into the document you’re typing. This is a cool Google docs feature.

google docs tricks

15. Keyboard Shortcuts

Are you tired of typing and searching for ways to make your typing easy? I have tried to show you some keyboard shortcuts that will help you get the job done faster.

So, there is a place where you can learn all the keyboard shortcuts known to man that concerns google docs. All you have to do is click on Help > then, click on Keyboard shortcuts at the bottom of the list.

There you will find any keyboard shortcut that you can only use for google docs when creating and editing. You can even use this shortcut to get to the keyboard shortcut list, press and hold Ctrl + /.

google docs tricks

16. Spelling and Grammar Check

Tying for a long time and you’re not probably using Grammarly to type with, so you need to check your grammar and spelling? You sure can, simply click on Tools > click on Spelling and Grammar and check your spelling, grammar and get suggestions to replace any wrong spelling.

A quick shortcut key to check your spelling and grammar is to press and hold Ctrl + alt + X, and you’re done.

google docs tricks

17. Word Count

Check your word count on Google Docs, your page count, and even the number of characters you have in your entire document.

Simply click on Tools > click on Word count, then a list of your word count, characters, page count, and more will pop-up.

You can access that details very easily with this simple shortcut key, press and hold Ctrl + shift + C.

google docs tricks

18. Adding Image and Editing

Here’s another cool Google Docs Feature. Adding an image on your document page is very easy and simple. Click on Insert > click on Image and either search for an image via the web inside the google docs or upload it from your computer.

google docs tricks

19. Insert Today’s Date

This is going to be straight forward and simple for you to understand, so follow me closely.

In order to insert the date on your document you first, You need to copy a script from Quora, then on Google Docs, click on Tools > click on Script editor > this will take you to a new page > paste the copied code there and save the script with CTRL + S.

Then, go back to your google docs document page and refresh the page > you will see a new option, the Utility option will appear > Then, you can click that Utility option and insert the date into your document.

google docs tricks
google docs tricks

20. Language Accent Buttons

Another Google docs feature is this one. If you want to add language and accents into your document page, it is very possible. I’m going to show you a very easy way to do so.

Click on Add-ons > click on Get Add-ons > then search for easy accents on the new dialog box that will appear. Just like that and you can add as many languages and accents as you want.

google docs tricks
google docs tricks

21. Conference Calls

Basically, how to use this feature is very easy through the Add-ons option.

Click on Add-ons > then, click on Get Add-ons > then search for the conference call option on the search box. Then you will have that option available on the sidebar of the document page.

google docs tricks
google docs tricks

22. Screen Reader Support

This is another Google Docs feature that a lot of people don’t know about. With this feature you can get Google docs to read out whatever you have on Google docs.

However, you must already have a screen reader software installed on your computer. On your Google Docs, navigate to tools > Accessibility settings then check how to use a screen reader.

23. Compare Documents

Here’s another Google Docs Feature, this one is new. With this option users have the ability to use Google docs to compare two files and see what has changed.

Let’s say you have recently made some edits, you can use the compare documents feature on Google docs to compare earlier versions of a file. Here’s how to access this Google docs feature.

Go to tools > compare documents > select the comparison document and then click on compare.

24. Insert Special Characters (Drawing)

You can insert any symbol on Google Docs. And the best part is, you don’t need to go through the hassle of searching for the particular symbol you want. You can simply draw the symbol you want and Google will show you some variations of what you sketched.

To access this, go to insert > special characters > draw the symbol on the right and then select the corresponding symbol on the left.

25. Open Version History

With this particular Google Docs feature, you can restore previous versions of your file. Let’s say you made an edit and deleted an important aspect of the file that you want back. With this feature you can restore with just a few clicks.

To do this, click on the (last edit) text, it is always located at the top just beside the help button, then from the right pane, click on the version you want to restore and finally click on the big blue (restore this version button).

google docs tricks


Wow! that was good right? this is just a few features that I could list out for you to make your time on google docs interesting, fast, and simple as possible.

I believe this post has been a great help to you. Drop a comment at the comment section and let us know what you think, I will definitely respond to you as soon as I get it.

Thanks for your time, see ya!

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