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How To Check Backed up Contacts on Google: Easy Steps

How To Check Backed up Contacts on Google: Easy Steps


How To Check Google Contact list

google contact list

If you are reading this then my guess is you already know how to backup contacts to google, as a researcher I have come across numerous questions by google users, questions like, how to check google backup contact, how do i check google contacts, how to check backed up contacts in google, how to check if contacts are synced with google, how to check google contacts online,

All these questions have the same answer that I’ll let you know in a bit.

The best way to ensure that you never lose your contacts is to synchronize your phone contacts with google, in other words ”save your phone contacts to google”.

Like I said in one of my posts, losing a phone has setbacks, and one of the setbacks is losing your contacts, backing up contacts on google is ideal for ensuring that you don’t lose important contacts.

How to Check Backed up Google Phone contacts list:

Now, before you go ahead with this, Note that if you have not previously backed up your contacts to google, you won’t be able to check if your contacts are backed up on google.
With just a few easy steps you will know how to check google contact list.
NOTE: Your google account has to be logged in on the device you want to use.
Step 1:
Using a PC or your mobile device, open your browser, ”chrome is preferable, but if you don’t have google chrome, just use any browser.
Step 2:
Type in this address into the address bar of your web browser ”https://contacts.google.com” without the quotes.
If you have previously backed up your contacts on google successfully, when you open the address, an interface with a list containing all the contacts you backed up to google will appear in an ascending order.
You would see categories. Starred, frequently contacted and all contacts.
Starred – you personally selected favorite contacts.
Frequently contacted – Contacts you frequently contact.
All contacts – All the contacts you backed up on google.
The google contact list interface, besides its usage to check google sync contacts, it can be used to perform other mini tasks like.
* Create groups
* Check people in your google+ circles
* Find duplicate contacts
*Import/export contacts
* Print contacts
* Restore contacts
The google phone contacts interface is quite new from the old google phone contacts interface. But not to worry, it is user-friendly.
So there you have it, I hope this post helps you in accessing your backed up google phone contacts or ”how to check sync contacts on google”,  Feel free to comment if you encounter any issue while following this thread.
Below is a video showing you ”how to check google phone contacts”,
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