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7 Google Chrome Extensions For Developers | Web Developers Hack

Google Chrome Extensions For Developers 2018



I am a big fan of Google Chrome Extensions.

I have actually published lots of articles in the past on Extensions, from 25 best Google Chrome Extensions to Google Chrome Security extensions, Google Chrome Extensions for students and others.

This article is going to be centered on developers. I have compiled a list of which I think are the best Google Chrome extensions for developers.


Developers have what I consider part of the coolest job ever which is to create the “basics” in what we call life today.

From web servers to web browsers, we see how Y’all hold us down and we’re glad you’re alive.

While Chrome DevTools work just fine, these extensions like extras in your favorite musical, make the entire process easier and helps to bring out the most productive version of you.

Here are a few to get you started;


List of Best Google Chrome Extensions for Developers



This award-winning extension provides you with a crazy range of writing templates that you can work with, regardless the project you’re working. From smart phrases to the presence of an intuitive editor, it makes writing feel like a walk in the park. 

If you are a developer, I think you should check this Google Chrome extension for developers out.



iMacros for Chrome

Here’s the second man in our list of best Google Chrome extensions for developers. His name is Imacros.

Repetition is a chore that we would all like to avoid. When working as web a developer, it becomes necessary to test multiple web pages more than once, if needed. This extension helps you save your actions so that you can “repeat” it with just a click of a button.



Window Resizer

Here’s that special name on our list of best Google Chrome extensions for web developers. Responsive web designs are all the rave as everyone wants a version of their website that fits into every device possible. Afterall, what better way to reach the little people, right?

Anyways, this extension (as its name implies) lets you resize your browser window when working on a responsive website design. It allows you choose different resolutions and dimensions for common monitors as well as add custom sizes in order to have better precision.



Project Naphta

Sometimes you have to work with images which already have texts on them. By using an Optical Character Recognition algorithm, this Google Chrome extension for web developers lets you do as you please with these texts by making them copyable, editable and even translatable when in a foreign language.




If everyday life teaches us anything, it’s the fact that we’re all relative geniuses within our rights. This sometimes means that someone out there could do something different that appeals to you like fonts on a webpage.

WhatFont tells you “what font” you’re looking at on a page and even lets you in on the size used by just hovering over it.

I would have been literally been taunted to death by my brother if I didn’t include this extension in my list of best Google Chrome extensions for developers.



Web developer

Always trust the one with your name on it.

Web developer acts like a fanciful wallet (as I’d like to call it) for every web developer out there. It comes in the form of a toolbar button attached to your Chrome browser, containing a truckload of web developer tools.



Search StackOverflow

StackOverflow is an online community that helps tackle any and every web development related issue out there, covering topics from C# and Java to PHP and jQuery. Search StackOverflow is an extension that adds a Stackoverflow search box directly to your browser, allowing you get answers to issues on the spot when you search for them using the Stackoverflow search box.


Okay, I’m done.

All the Google Chrome extensions for developers listed on this page are free to install, all you have to do to install them is follow the link via the title or Image.

Thanks for stopping by to read.

Feel free to leave a comment telling us about your personal experiences with these extensions and of course if you want to include an amazing extension on our list of best Google Chrome Extensions, kindly contact me and I will test and Include the developer Chrome extension. You can as well talk about the extension in the comments section.

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