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Google Calculator v7.5 gets a Material Theme redesign

Google Calculator v7.5 gets a Material Theme redesign



Lately, Google has been updating a few of its core apps to adopt its new Material Theme UI. After making the new look available in Chrome for the 10 years anniversary. Google continues to roll out the material theme update on its other applications like Gmail, Android Contact, Android Messages, Photo and more. The update finally lands on Google Calculator v7.5 changing the color palette that is expectedly very bright and makes great use of Google Sans.



Google Calculator Old 1Google Calculator Old 2Google Calculator Old 3



Google Calculator New 1Google Calculator New 2Google Calculator New 3



The redesign changes the keypad from varying shades of gray to a bright white and blue as you can see from the screenshots. The Basic arithmetic functions display a white template with blue to indicate the symbol while the differentiate and pop out have the blue template with white to indicate the symbols. Unfortunately, there is no special material update on the application icon still the usual gray with symbols.

The company also bring the Google’s Product Sans font and the numbers/symbols/functions are all bolder and easier to see now. There is also a change in the phone’s navigation bar which now becomes white while using the app and the switch in position of the “0” and “.” characters. For those who use the calculator a lot, though, muscle memory might make this switch a bit difficult.

The Material Theme redesign is rolling out right now it might take a while before some device receives it just like some device receives the chrome update late. It should make its way to your device sometime over the next week or so. But if you are anxious and can’t wait for your device to receive the update through Google play store we’ve got you cover by downloading the Calculator v7.5 APK over on APK Mirror

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