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10 Best Gallery Apps For Android 2021 (Top-Tier)

10 Best Gallery Apps For Android 2021 (Top-Tier)


Hello there, android users, are you tired of those pesky your app stopped responding’ notifications that pop-ups anytime you want to access your Android’s in-built gallery app?

It makes me literally want to throw my phone away, and smash it to bits, but that is not the solution.

You might want to get a new Android device, which is one way to look at it, but, if you are still fond of that particular Android device, then, there is a way you can get a new gallery app for your Android device.

So, follow me as I introduce the best gallery apps for android, and I hope you’ll love them.

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List Of Best Gallery Apps For Android

Here’s my list of the 10 best gallery app for android, staight out from google play store.

When you want to talk about fast and smooth gallery apps for android, you have to mention this app as the first on your list.

This is an app, dedicated in giving you the best organised photos and videos on your smartphone that will blow your mind.

Out of the ordinary gallery app. You can create photo albums to place specific photos in and manage the ones that are already in an albummto appear the way you please.

You can also synchronize and backup all your photos, in case you unisntall the app, or it gets corrupted by a virus.

Best Gallery Apps For Android

Organize your gallery with your amazing photos with some amazing features.

Use the HD preview feature to see a photo, before tapping on it. Use slideshows to view all your photos without swiping to the next one.

You can rename photos, delete the ones you want and it will be gone for good, unlike the trash bin feature that most android device comes with nowadays.

You can also set a password to prevent uninvited guest to view your photos withjut your permission.

Best Gallery Apps For Android

This is one of the most popularly used gallery app on google play store, with over 1 million downloads so far.

Are you looking for a simple low size gallery app for android, then, congratulations, you’re looking at the app right now.

This app is just 4.5MB in the download size and you don’t have to worry about this app lagging, it is totally fast and smooth.

You can hide photos if you wish not to lock the app from uninvited people holding your phone, and they will not have any idea where the hidden photos are.

This is a fast, rich modern gallery app, worthy to be on the list of best gallery apps for android.

This is also a lightweight gallery app, but it does the work that it was meant to, and that is, to help you organize your photo, sort through them by putting photos that you deem important into a folder or album.

It has a simple friendly user-interface that helps you lock your gallery app from intruders.

You can switch up the gallery layout view, set it in grid format and create folders in them.

Best Gallery Apps For Android

Set your photos in grid format, arrange them in albums and watch a beatiful array of photos, even looks better than your in-built gallery app.

This gallery app, has cool themes, now that’s something to raise an eye brow for, right?

I know you won’t believe me if I told you there is a search bar too, but you can also search for an image via the image’s name and see it pop out, I bet your previous gallery app didn’t have that too.

Just like most gallery apps for android on google play store, you can lock your app with a passcode to prevent intruders.

Best Gallery Apps For Android

Here’s another app on my list of best gallery apps for Android. If you are into amazingly outstanding user interfaces, you will surely love this app. My best feature is the dark mode, I’m sure you’ll love it too. This app sure does a great job of arranging all your media files.

You can also zoom photos with gestures, create albums, and view a picture slideshow. It also has an editing functionality.

gallery app android

If you want a simple photo and video manager, try this. It is lightweight and can handle a lot of photos and videos without ever crashing. Trust me, this is not one of those apps that will bug you with crash errors.

The best part? It contains NO ADS. This means you’ll get to access your gallery without having to bother about annoying ads that mess up user experience. With this gallery app for android, you can also hide photos.

gallery app android

Meet another darling on my list of best gallery apps for android. Just like other gallery apps, this one is simple to use, fast and also lightweight. You can use the photo viewer to sort your photos. It also has a dark mode. With the dark mode active, your battery won’t die as fast as usual.

This gallery app for android also does a great job in organizing all your videos in one folder, it also has a search function that you can use to find specific files.

gallery app android

I bring to you a fully customizable gallery app for your Android device. If the gallery app that came with you phone is misbehaving, you don’t need to factory reset your phone and lose your important files. Install Gallery Ad free and enjoy an amazing gallery app that doesn’t have ads.

I also like the fact that you can change the color of this gallery app. The gallery lock feature embedded in this app can be used to lock files that you don’t want other people to be able to see.

gallery app android

I saved the best for last, this gallery app for Android has the best user interface I have ever used. If you are into fancy stuff like me, you are totally going to love this too. From this gallery app you have access to cloud storage like Dropbox and Google drive.

There’s also a GIF player and animated GIF maker that you can use to create your own GIFs. Of course, it also has a vault where you can hide important or secret files.

gallery app android


That’s a wrap on my list of best gallery apps for Android 2021, if you are having issues with your current gallery app for android, you can use any of these apps to substitute.

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