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101 Funny WiFi Names 2021 | You Haven’t Seen These Yet

101 Funny WiFi Names 2021 | You Haven’t Seen These Yet


Hello guys, are you interested in hearing the Funny WiFi names that I have for you today?

You have no idea, Getting funny WiFi names should not be too hard. It just takes your imagination.

Basically, when setting or changing a WiFi name you should never include any of your personal details, like your names, birthday, address, or phone number.

Keep your WiFi name simple, memorable, and as funny as you want it to be, and try not to forget it.

List: Funny WiFi Names

  1. Call of Router.
  2. What a WiFi I have found in you.
  3. LAN on me, when you’re not strong. (like the song)
  4. Optimus LAN. (for transformers Optimus prime fans)
  5. Scooby router doo.
  6. The LANdertaker. (for wrestling fans)
  7. WiFight to death.
  8. Supreme Connect of justice.
  9. Law and router. (for fans of law and order)
  10. Brew me a lager WiFi.
  11. A step in the WiFi direction.
  12. What it takes to be a WiFi.
  13. Harry Potter and the router connection. (for lovers of Harry Potter)
  14. Eagle one has LANded. (for the US president)
  15. Ea sports, to the LAN. (for FIFA gamers)
  16. I need a LAN of joe.
  17. Let’s LAN outta here.
  18. WiFi, Inevitable.
  19. Baba WiFi. (for john wick fans)
  20. The boogieman router.
  21. Spongebob squareLAN.
  22. KNOCK! KNOCK!, who’s there? it’s WiFi.
  23. In the LAN of myths and the time of magic. (for merlin tv series fans)
  24. BlowLAN.
  25. Hey! that’s John Wick’s LAN.
  26. Don’t you dare touch my router?
  27. Snow WiFi.
  28. Shoot any router that moves.
  29. Connect a pipe for me.
  30. suck my LAN dry.
  31. What an amazing WiFi you are.
  32. Routers are liable to die young. (for smokers)
  33. That WiFi has my forensics report.
  34. You killed my WiFi.
  35. I just got a LAN Cappuccino
  36. Indulge me in this router.
  37. I dare you to LAN on me.
  38. Now, this sh** has turned into freaky WiFi.
  39. My internet just broke.
  40. Let’s LAN together.
  41. Disney router.
  42. You’re the WiFi that keeps on giving.
  43. The Lawer won the router.
  44. Avengers? connection.
  45. you may kiss the LAN.
  46. Micheal LANgelo. (for artists)
  47. You bald-headed LAN.
  48. Let’s hook up and connect.
  49. UFC cage WiFi-ghter.
  50. Captain AmeriLAN.
  51. Iron-LAN.
  52. Bat-LAN.
  53. Hulk! LAN.
  54. You’re hired you dirty router.
  55. I want to see you beg for my router.
  56. You’re under arrest router.
  57. Your chopper just LANded.
  58. Set the alarm to the router.
  59. Catch LAN if you can.
  60. Where is that dirty WiFi?
  61. Mr. and Mrs. WiFi.
  62. The man and his WiFi.
  63. You may kiss your router.
  64. The LAN is in peril.
  65. The police surveillance van, serial no-25708. ( to scare away intruders and criminals)
  66. WiFi not visible, search for 30mins and throw your phone away.
  67. A stitch in time saves LAN.
  68. Here comes the spider-LAN.
  69. WiFi, you cheated on me.
  70. Hey Wi, let’s Fi-ght
  71. You are about to connect to the most destructive virus ever made.
  72. This is my LAN, no entry.
  73. What are you trying to do, connect to this WiFi? hahaha.
  74. Your device will self destruct after 10 secs of connection.
  75. I just broke up with my WiFi.
  76. I’m Fi-lling a divorce, Wi cheated on me
  77. you Fi-ght like bruce LAN.
  78. Once you connect, I will have your soul.
  79. My car had a LAN-cident.
  80. LAN-sagna and pizza, which do you prefer?
  81. Connect to this WiFi-ve G spot.
  82. Have you seen my Toyota high-LAN-der?.
  83. Looking for a WiFi router? check back later.
  84. If you can’t beat them, LAN them.
  85. Dear WiFi, I have a list of people you missed.
  86. The problem with political WiFi is that they get elected.
  87. Due to quarantine, I’m the only inside WiFi.
  88. If WiFi had a face, I will punch it.
  89. Did you just connect to my WiFi?
  90. Will you marry my WiFi?
  91. The water is dripping o my LAN.
  92. You didn’t see other WiFi‘s to connect to?
  93. If you are looking for a loan, this WiFi will leave you alone.
  94. Shut up and connect.
  95. Hey, I’m WiFi pervert, I will stalk you forever.
  96. The time is LAN O’clock.
  97. I saw my WiFi with another man.
  98. Help! the WiFi is too much for me.
  99. WiFi strikes and the ball is in the net.
  100. Martin LAN-ther king.
  101. Uploading virus… 3 secs…

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In the end, there are not enough funny WiFi names to go around, basically, you just have to use your imagination.

Getting funny WiFi names can’t be a problem, you might like my sense of humor, but, that is the deal you signed up for, so, I hope this article was informative enough for you.

Thanks a bunch for viewing this article.

If you have got some cool and funny wifi names 2021, kindly drop a comment below.

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