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Best FPS Games For Android | Think You Can Shoot? Try These

Best FPS Games For Android | Think You Can Shoot? Try These



Hey there!

Yes, you wielding the big sub-machine gun.

Oh no sorry, you can’t wield it yet cause you haven’t cruised through our list of extra juicy first-person shooter warfare and advanced weaponry that makes you feel like you are in the game.

Ranging from rescue missions to peacekeeping missions gone wrong what can this list not offer?

Besides dollars you know what I mean below is a compilation of the top 10 best first-person shooter games for android. Or should I say best FPS GAMES 2018?

Here is a personal list of some games that I deem worthy to be amongst the best FPS games 2018.

List of Best FPS Games For Android

Critical Ops is the first on my list of best FPS games for Android, this amazing game has lots of fun packed in it.

With Critical Ops be sure to Experience exciting first-person shooter action coupled with multiplayer features to give you the really realistic simulation of wartime and its experiences. Browse through an arsenal of weapons and armor, different games modes ranging from defusing to deathmatch to ranked games.

Welcome to a post-apocalyptic world where you are required to gun down zombies of different shapes and sizes till you get to the boss. With tons of upgradable weapons and high tech body implants available this game is a darling for anybody who loves to shoot anything that eats brains.

Dead Effect is quite fun to play, I actually played this game a couple of times and I must say I had fun while playing. I believe you will too.

fps games for androidA personal favorite of mine. GUNS OF BOOM IS AMAZING.

I think sometime in the future I will have to say do a game review on Guns of boom.

You can get the hang of these controls in the twinkle of an eye and start rising in ranks faster than you thought. You can also compete in online matches which are fun and warlike too.

Try Guns of boom out.

Hitman Sniper is the next on our list of best FPS games for Android.

This game is meant for lovers of stealthy and snake-like warfare. The primary objective here is to snipe targets without them suspecting your location.

You have different models of rifles to select from in this sniper first person shooter game for Android. Download and Enjoy!

fps games for androidDecent graphics, lots of juice, online gameplay and a gigantic arsenal of weapons to choose from and more fun features make Modern Combat a must add to our list of best FPS games for Android.

What else does war seem like? It doesn’t get better than that all the features listed above! It also comes with a campaign mode, six different character classes that you can level up and customize plus it also

Nova Legacy is a sci-fi game which comes with a full campaign mode. You can craft and upgrade your weapons and it has also got multiplayer modes and other interesting stuff

For those who love the future and want to do everything to -preserve it with the advanced weaponry they possess.

Amazing game I must say.

Frontline Commando is totally worthy of being on this list. While playing Frontline Commando you will have to engage in historical warfare and try to change the course of history as you complete dangerous missions.

Command powerful weaponry, view in stellar graphics and fight in stunning locations all across the world!

This game is a multiplayer game that gives you the best first-person shooter experience in your android phone.

In this game You’ll be crouching behind walls, jumping over blockades and tossing grenades while fighting off enemies and lots more.

Who knows, this game might just be the fps game for Android that you have been looking for.

Thrown into a gruesome apocalyptic world, you are expected to survive with the guns at your disposal what are you going to do?

Run or be brave and take the fight to them filthy zombies!

Amazing graphics I must say, from the look of the zombies and all.

Bullet Force is a fast-paced modern multiplayer first person shooter.

In Bullet Force game, you need to fight alongside your teammates in massive 20-player battles. The game features some awesome weapons, multiple options, laser sights and much more.

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Looking for some fun action on your Android device? I bet you, the games listed above are some of my selected best FPS games for Android that will keep you shooting till you literally miss your school bus or Flight. With these games, It’s always there’s never a dull moment. So, if you are a lover of First person shooter games for Android like me, I suggest you try some of these games out you will surely love them.

This is where I end this post, I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this article specifically for you. Do well to use our share button to spread the news.

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