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Five things to do on your smartphone while on the daily commute to work

Five things to do on your smartphone while on the daily commute to work


If they’re honest, nobody really enjoys their daily commuteinto work. It’s either too loud with people having a conversation you’d rather not overhear, or people invadingyour personal space and sitting way too close when all you want to do it’s just have a few moments to yourself before you start work in the morning.

To help with that, here are some things you can do on your smartphone on the way to work that don’t involve doom-scrolling social media, which you might already know doesn’t always have positive effects on your mental health.

#Check out the latest photo editing software 

If there’s one thing that gets better year after year, it’s the number of things that you can do with your photos on a smartphone. If your favorite hobby involves taking pictures,or you just like adding a little something extra so the normal,everyday photos you take of family, friends, and pets then your bus ride is the ideal opportunity to give the versions aonce over.

#Play online casino games

Playing games on your phone is not exactly a new concept.However, playing casino games might be new to you, and you might quickly find that the games at somewhere like jackpotjill casino are exactly what you’re looking for to get the brain ticking over before you arrive at work. There is thechoice of playing slots or table games in various formats, some of which you might be familiar with already but have never tried playing online before.

#Watch movies trailers

So you haven’t got time to watch an entire movie on the way to work (unless of course there is a particularly bad traffic jam), but you can check out the latest trailers for the movies you might want to watch in the future. You might even unearth some gems you wouldn’t have heard of before, as their trailers don’t make it as far as mass media channels.

Alternatively, if you are a big franchise person, you’ll know it’s quite common for a large release to have one or twodifferent trailers and TV spots before release day, so your bus journey is the ideal opportunity to make sure you’re not missing out.

#4 Complete online puzzles

There are plenty of online puzzles you could play that would fit perfectly into the type of short bus journey that takes you to work. The most obvious being that one where you have to guess a different 5-letter word each day, but there are other alternatives such as starting an online crossword. These, like playing online casino games, could give you a brain a welcome jumpstart before signing in at work.

#5 Invest

This one might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but you could use the time you spend on the bus to make sure the small change from your morning coffee or yesterday’s onlinepurchases is invested using one of the many online apps designed for the purpose. It might not seem much, but it could make a very big difference by the end of the year.

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