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Five reasons to try no-code apps for your mobile workforce

Five reasons to try no-code apps for your mobile workforce


Fieldwork is no easy task! On top of that, when the job is done with the paper-pen mode, it becomes more complex, time-consuming, and cumbersome. 

Whether you are a Monitoring & Evaluation expert gathering data from different locations or an employee working at an NGO running from house to house for a survey, data collection is a complicated job. It needs focus, dedication, and, most importantly, handy tools to collect data effectively. 

What’s the solution? Here comes the no-code mobile data collection application into the picture! Yes, to avoid the hassle of transcribing data or the fear of losing data, most businesses use no-code data collection applications. 

These applications are similar to traditional paper-based data collection methods, but the significant difference is that mobile-based data collection is digital. It enables streamlined mobile forms, hassle-free data entry, real-time data analysis and management, and more. 

Whether you are looking to improve your safety record, increase efficiency, reduce cost, or customer satisfaction, whatever is your business goals for 2022, adopting data collection apps can bring you one step closer to reaching them. If you are still not convinced, continue reading and learn about the five reasons why no-code apps are the best for your mobile workforce.

Reduce data collection errors

Almost every business needs to collect information to some degree. Doing so with paper and pen means there is a greater chance of data inconsistency, missing details, illegible handwriting, data-entry mistakes, and more. 

There’s no denying that pen and paper mode increases the chances of corrupted data. In contrast, with a data collection app, you collect data once directly on the website, hence eliminating the impact of human errors.

Improves efficiency and safety

No doubt, pen-paper-based data collection methods are slow and cumbersome. On the other hand, collecting data using apps is much faster. Do you know what makes these apps more efficient? 

They have in-built data validation, designated sections for entering data/ images/ videos, easy-to-understand mobile forms, and much more. Using these applications makes your task much more manageable, enabling you to collect data faster on the field. 

Besides increasing your productivity, these applications play another vital role in safeguarding your data. Unlike physical data that is prone to damage due to external factors like natural hazards, fire, etc., data collection using no-code mobile appsoffers robust cloud security. Only your authorized individuals will be able to access the data via encryption keys.

Automate workflow

During fieldwork, data collection is the first step of the process. Further, some actions are performed over the data to make it practical and useful. With no-code apps, you can build automated workflows that make your data processing faster. 

For example, some data needs to be fixed; with an automated application, you will be able to send an email to your maintenance department and schedule the repair without any delay. 

Improves documentation and analytics

Suppose you have hundreds of inspections sheets containing various reports; how would you analyze the data and recognize the trend? Or what if you need a specific sheet? Will it be easy to rifle through hundreds of pages? 

With pen-paper mode, of course not! However, when using mobile data collection, these tasks can be performed with a single click in a few seconds. Yes, you read it right. The most important reason most businesses adapt to this digital data collection method is that it improves documentation and analytics. 

Saves money

Last but not least, data collection via mobile apps seamlessly reduces the amount of money you spend on printing paper-based datasheets, storing them, and transporting them to various locations for analysis. In addition to this, by using no-code apps, you also don’t need to hire a software engineer to build or maintain them because they are easy to use. 

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