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12 Best Financial News Apps For Android 2021

12 Best Financial News Apps For Android 2021


Have you been looking for the best Financial news Apps for Android? Search no more, I have done a thorough research and put together some of the best financial news apps for Android.

All the Apps listed in this article are top-notch and always updated.

If you are into bitcoin, daily market news, stock news, and other news relating to finance check out my list of best financial news apps for Android 2020 and thank me later.

List Of Best Financial News Apps For Android

  • The Wall Street Journal: Business & Market News

The first App on my list of best financial news apps for android is The wall street journal. You probably have come across this before, if you haven’t then you have been missing out on a lot of useful business and market information. This app brings to you in-depth analysis and analysis that are trusted.

The app is quite easy to use, on this app, you’d have access to breaking news, and other major headlines that are impacting finance business and global market. Download this finance app today and thank me later.

Best Financial News Apps
  • Bloomberg: Market & Financial News

One thing you would love about this amazing financial news app is the user interface, it is amazingly outstanding in every possible way. Bloomberg is the app to have on your Android device if you are into cryptocurrency, they’ll give you the latest updates and trending topics.

This app doesn’t give top-notch news on the only cryptocurrency, it will also give you updates in the political sector. I love the watch-list feature that can be used to keep track of specific topics you are interested in.

Best Financial News Apps
  • MarketWatch

The next app on my list of best financial news apps for Android is MarketWatch, this app is top-notch when it comes to delivering quality news on the financial market as a whole.

With this app, you get first-hand access to stocks, you also get stock quote pages that are detailed with key trading info and charts to interact with.

Another feature worthy of note is the article saving and sharing feature. Yup, you can easily save articles from the app and share articles or data with the share feature.

Best Financial News Apps
  • Yahoo Finance

The next app on my list of finance apps for android is this amazing finance app by Yahoo. You can easily keep track of markets and the economy with this lightweight app for Android. With Yahoo Finance you can track the performance of your portfolio.

That’s not all, you also get access to ESG ratings, historical financials, and top holders.

This app has a premium subscription, it is not overly expensive, with just a few dollars, you have access to the premium which gives you some amazing tools that can be used to maximize your profit.

Best Financial News Apps
  • MSN Money- Stock Quotes & News

Are you into forex trading? I do not know much about forex trading but I have a strong feeling that this app would do you so much good if downloaded and utilized rightly.

MSN Money has an amazing user interface and is very easy to use. With this app, you’ll have first-hand news about financial data.

With this app, you can track major indexes like FTSE 100, NYSE, Dow Jones, S&P 500, NASDAQ, NIKKEI 225, DAX, and more. There are also amazing financial tools that you can use like the mortgage calculator, wealth estimator, and more.

Best Financial News Apps
  • Stocks, Indices, Futures – Stoxy

The next App on my list of best financial news apps for Android is this amazing finance app from Nikita Dev, the developers surely did an amazing job creating this app. It is very helpful especially if you are into stocks and market news.

This app actually collects news data from apps like MarketWatch, Investopedia, CNBC, and WSJ and presents the news to you (all-in-one).

There are also interactive charts in this app like the simple line chart/candle chart and intraday chart.

Best Financial News Apps
  • CNBC: Breaking Business News & Live Market Data

If I don’t include this App on my list of best financial news apps for android 2020, a lot of people will come for my head. It is beyond doubt that this is one of the best apps with information on finance. With this app, you can stay on track with cryptocurrency.

There is also a customizable watchlist feature that can be used to keep track of specific data.

That’s not all, with this app you also have access to live TV and Video. What will you be watching? CNBC Live. Download this stock market app for Android and thank me later.

Best Financial News Apps
  • FinWiz-Stocks, News, Investing,Portfolio & Markets

This app doesn’t have a lot of downloads like the other apps, I decided to try it out and I found that it was amazing, what caught my eyes was it’s pleasing user interface. This is a go-to App if you are looking at having the best of the best information on markets, investing, and stock news.

With this app, you can also do an in-depth analysis of your favorite stocks. FinWiz supports over 25 popular indicators for analysis, like  Moving Average, ADX, Momentum, Bollinger Bands, MACD, CCI, Directional Movement Plus/Minus, Price Change, Average True Range, Parabolic SAR, ROC, OBV, Money Flow Index and more.

Best Financial News Apps
  • Forex Calendar, Market & News

Are you a forex trader? Pause for a minute and see what this app has to offer you. This app has almost everything you would need to track or analyse as a forex trader. If you want to also stay up-to-date as a forex trader, this app could be very useful for you.

This app has live forex news, price notifications, calculators to help with your trades, live forex charts, live forex pattern analysis and much more. Trust me when I say you will love this App.

Best Financial News Apps
  • Financial Times

Here’s another app worthy of being download on your Android device. “Financial times” is one of the best financial news apps for Android. You can read articles and save them for later reading. I like the fact that this app sends you financial news to your phone’s lock screen.

This app is lightweight, it won’t take up much space on your Android device. However, for you to use this app you would have to sign in to the app. Download and thank me later.

Best Financial News Apps
  • Mint Business News

Another financial news app for Android worthy of note is Mint business news. This App has all shades of awesome. I love the clutter-free design that the app has. Mint business news is easy to use and navigate. With this app, you’d gain access to a daily-updated archive of financial news.

If big deals are happening in the business world, you’ll also get to see the information on the app. That’s not all, users also have the ability to track market movement. Amazingly outstanding if you ask me.

Best Financial News Apps
  • ET Markets : NSE & BSE India

Are you in India and you are looking for an app that you can use to get first hand information of financial news? Here’s one. ET Markets is available in 8 indic languages. This app offers the best and latest news on business and markets.

With this app on your Android device, you will stay updated with the latest developments in the stock market. In this app, there are also tools that you can use to spot trends and more.

Best Financial News Apps

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We’ve come to the end of this article on the best financial news apps for android. I hope this list has been of help to you. Feel free to download more than one of the apps listed in this article. If you have a favorite app that we have not included in our list of best financial news apps, tell us about the app and we’ll include it on our list after downloading an reviewing.

Thanks for stopping by.

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