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7 New Features Of Facebook And Their Functions Will Wow You

Facebook New Features And Functions

Hello there facebook user, if you have been current on facebook updates from google play store. you will notice that there are certain new features for facebook. Facebook has continued to evolve over the years.
Recently facebook has introduced lots of new features that changes the way we interact and it improves user experience. Now in this post i will tell you about new facebook app features that will surely enhance user experience.

List of  Facebook New Features 



Using the like button has always been a widely used feature on facebook for years until facebook brought about the new reaction feature. How does this work? Well, it is quite easy, instead of liking a video or photo, you can react with animated emojis that include “Love”, “haha”, “sad” “wow” and “angry”.

With this  feature users can share how they feel about certain posts in an appropriate manner. This doesn’t mean that the like button has been kicked out. NO!. It simply means users can react to a post more appropriately.

Well lets say a friend shares a loss on facebook, you can react with the sad emoji, instead of liking. Well, how about when you just watched a funny comedy skit? You can use the “haha” emoji. Then how about when a friend posts something you don’t like? you can use the angry emoji.

To access these reactions on facebook simply press down on the like button and then select from the list of reactions.


The new facebook live is actually a huge upgrade to facebook. It is similar to the service that video apps like meerkat and periscope provides. The facebook live feature works by allowing users to broadcast live videos, with the ability to simultaneous see who is watching and respond to various comments as they appear in real-time.

 This feature also has a sub-feature that saves the video as a traditional video on the user’s timeline so that other fans, friends or family members that missed the live stream can watch it.
To access this feature, IOS users can tap on update status and select the live video icon that is located on the bottom right. Android users can tap update status and tap on Go Live in the drop down menu.
This facebook feature lets you choose who can see your new or old posts, it also lets you choose who can contact you, the privacy setting section also gives you the ability of blocking someone who you feel is stalking you or maybe someone you just don’t want on your facebook. This feature can be access on both IOS an Android devices. To access this facebook feature on Android you’ll have to click on the utility button and scroll down to privacy shortcuts.
Have you ever tried to upload a high quality photo to facebook only to see the picture quality downgraded after posting? Well it is not your phones fault, it’s actually a setting on your facebook that needs tweaking. To access the “upload hd photo” feature simply tap on the facebook utility button and then tap on App settings, you will then see the “upload hd photo” option. tap on it to activate. Your photos will now be uploaded at standard resolution.

More New Facebook Features

This facebook feature gives you the ability to choose what you want to see on your daily news feed. The first option on the “news feed preference” is the prioritize who to see first. This simply means you will choose whose post you want to see at the top of your news feed whenever you login. 
The second preference is the “unfollow people to hide their post” This lets you choose people that you don’t want to see posts from. There are other features in the “news feed preference” section. You can access them on your android by tapping on the utility button and then scrolling down till you see “news feed preference”.

This is one of my best facebook feature, it lets you look back on memories from facebook. How? Well lets say you joined facebook 4 years ago . The  “on this day” feature brings back posts from past years, it shows you the exact event that took place or shows you a post from that year/day. It actually depends on when you joined facebook, if your a newbie on facebook you wont have memories. 
That’s not all. you don’t just get to see memories, you can also share memories as posts on your facebook wall. To access this cool facebook feature, open the app on your android, tap on the utility button, scroll down to the apps section and tap on see all. Then finally tap on “on this day”.

Facebook events has actually been around for a while, but most people don’t use this new facebook feature. The facebook event feature allows you to access certain things in a user friendly environment. These things include.
  • Accept/decline invitations.
  • Schedules.
  • Calender entries. 
  • Photos.
  • Check ins.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Upcoming events.

You can also create an event. maybe you have a seminar of some sort, all you have to do to create a facebook event for your friends and followers to see is – tap on the utility button then scroll to events and tap on it.

These are basically some of the amazing new facebook app features. My advice to you would be “upgrade your facebook app” Try out these  Facebook new features  and you’ll totally agree with me that they aid user friendliness.
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