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21 Insanely Cool Facebook Messenger Tricks, Tips, Secrets 2021

21 Insanely Cool Facebook Messenger Tricks, Tips, Secrets 2021



facebook messenger tips and tricks

Facebook is a widely used application for Android, IOS, and Windows Phone users, As of the third quarter of 2016 Facebook had a jaw-dropping sum of 1.79 billion users.

Now, that’s a huge figure;

Facebook Messenger, on the other hand, has about 900 million active users.

Well, That’s quite fair;

Let me be honest with you;

Facebook Messenger is one of my best Android apps, It has its spot on my personal list of top 5 social media apps.

Moving on,

I’m quickly going to show you some cool stuff that will help you get the most out of Facebook messenger;

I’ll tell you about fb messenger tricks, fb messenger secrets, just brace yourself…….


Facebook Messenger Tips And Tricks


Okay, It’s time;

I have a list of Insanely Cool Facebook messenger tips and tricks to share with you;

Shall we begin?


Facebook Messenger Add to your day

This is one feature for facebook that not everyone knows about. the facebook ”add to your day” came alive in 2017.

The feature is quite similar to Whatsapp video status and Instagram’s video status.

How does it work? Well, you basically post live or old photo’s or video’s for your friends on facebook messenger to see.

Here’s how to add a photo or video to your day on facebook messenger.

  1. Open messenger App.
  2. Tap the ”add to your day” button located at the top left or tap the big circle button located at the bottom-middle.
  3. Take a photo or video, or select from an existing photo/video.

Soccer Game on Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger tips and tricks

This Fb messenger trick is quite lovable, did you know that you can actually play games on facebook messenger? This soccer game completely takes the messenger app off the boring zone.

Playing this game on facebook messenger is quite easy, all you will need to do is perform a few operations and your fb messenger secret soccer game will be ready for playing.

So, how do you play the soccer game?

1, Open/Start a chat with anyone.

2, Tap on the Emoji Icon.

3, Select the football emoji and send it.

4, Then, tap on the football emoji that you sent.

5. Enjoy your game.


React to Someone’s message on Messenger

This new feature on facebook messenger lets users react to messages from friends. This has turned out to be one of my best trick on the facebook messenger app.

With this feature, you can choose from 7(seven) different emojis for reactions to a group or personal messages.

Group? uhm, Yes, this facebook messenger trick also works on facebook groups.

Here’s how to react to messages on facebook messenger;

  1. Open chat/group.
  2. Long press on the message you want to react.
  3. Choose from the list of Emojis.
messenger tips 2017



Make Voice And Video Calls With Ease

facebook messenger tips and tricks

Here’s another facebook messenger trick for you;

Why download IMO, OOVOO and Skype when you can make cool voice and video calls on fb messenger, This feature is available for most android devices, but your android device should have a front and back camera.

All you will need to do is tap on the call or video icon that is located at the top right of your chat screen.

But hey, that’s not all;

The person that you want to call must have Facebook messenger already installed and should have a front facing camera.

How do you make voice and video calls on fb messenger?

1, Open/Start a chat

2, Tap on the Call icon to call or tap the Video icon to make a video call.

3, That’s all.  *Smiles*


Basketball Game on Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger tips and tricks

If you have been looking for facebook messenger emoji tricks well here is one of them;

I have a question for you…… Are you good at shooting hoops?

Yes? No?

Doesn’t matter really, it is quite easy to shoot hoops on the messenger app.

The steps required to play this game is like that of the Soccer game, All you will need to do is perform basic commands, grab a seat, and start playing.

How to play basketball game on facebook messenger;

1, Open/Start a chat.

2, Tap on the emoji icon.

3, Select the basketball icon and send it.

4, Tap on the Basketball icon that you sent to start the game.

5, Enjoy…..


Block Someone on fb messenger

Is someone becoming a bugging you? Sending you spam messages? Is there someone you would like to block on messenger?

I am glad to tell you that (Your breakthrough is here). *Smiles*

With just a few taps, you can block anyone on facebook messenger with no stress at all. But this block is only restricted to facebook messenger.

The person you block will not be able to send messages to you or call you.

Here is how;

1, Open messenger app.

2, Long press on the name of the person you want to block.

3, Tap on Block.

4, Tap on Stop receiving messages and calls.


Chess Game on Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger tips

Here is another fun facebook messenger trick for the gamers;

The Soccer and basketball are not the only games that can be played on facebook messenger, the developers of this cool app also made it possible for users to enjoy a nice game of chess.

Trust me, when it comes to chess on facebook messenger? I stand undefeated…..

And yes, I did an evil laugh while saying that;

Think you can handle me? why not add me up on facebook using the facebook buttons just below the ” about the author”.

Learn how to play the Facebook chess game by checking out this post on facebook messenger games


Create Simple Shortcuts For Chats

Most times I just feel lazy to go through the long process of opening facebook messenger and searching for favorite contacts.

But I found a cool way to access my favorite contacts with ease and I am going to tell you how;

And the answer is………………..SHORTCUTS.

Facebook messenger allows you to create shortcuts of your favorite chats, that way, you won’t have to go through the stress of searching for a contact.

How to create chat shortcuts for facebook messenger.

1, Open facebook messenger.

2, Long press on the person you want to create a shortcut for. (hold a finger down for about 2 seconds)

3, And that’s all, The chats’ shortcut would appear on your home screen.

Draw And Write on Images Before Sending

Snapchat fans will surely love this one;

With this fb messenger tip you can spice up your conversations by writing and drawing over images;

Just select an image, add your text to the image or preferably draw on the image;

And bada bing bada boom! your SnapChat-like image is ready for sending.

How to draw and write on images before sending.

1, Start/open a chat with someone.

2, Tap on the picture icon at the bottom.

3, Select a photo.

4, Tap on the pencil icon at the left

5, Start drawing, you can toggle between drawing and writing.

Get More Funny Stickers

You would agree with me that another way to totally spice up your conversations is by using stickers on facebook messenger. Facebook messenger has more than 15 different sticker packs.

Some of the stickers on the messenger app move and some don’t, the moving ones are my favorite.

Hey, Just for the record, I’ll tell you some my favorite sticker packs.

There are; Finch and Mugsy in love, you should check them out;

It’s is quite easy to use these stickers, but you will have to download them.

Here is how to use stickers on fb messenger;

1, Start/open a chat.

2, Tap on the sticker icon located at the bottom of your screen.

3, Select you desired sticker and that’s all.

You can download extra fun stickers from the sticker store by tapping on the sticker icon and then the plus symbol.

Increase the size of Smileys/emojis

A friend of mine once asked me if I knew facebook messenger emoji tricks, I told him yes!

90% of facebook messenger users do not know this fb messenger trick, It is quite unique as it lets you increase the size of any emoji.

You can give a BIG thumbs up, a BIG high five and so much more.

However, this doesn’t work on all smileys/emojis

How to increase the size of smileys/emojis

1, Start/open a chat.

2, Tap on the smiley icon.

3, Long press on a smiley to make it large and then let go for it to send.

( If you long press for too long, it will increase but won’t send)

Know If Your Messages have Been Read

Amongst all fb messenger tricks, this one is quite useful, It lets you know if the person you are chatting with has read the message you sent or not.

This feature really comes in handy for me.

How to know if your messages have been read on facebook messenger;

1, Start/open a chat.

2, Long press on the message you sent to your recipient.

3, If it shows seen then that means the message has been read by the recipient.


Share Your Location On Facebook Messenger With Ease

If you still haven’t found the right facebook messenger trick?

Don’t give up on us just yet, there’s more to come.

Have you ever had difficulty in giving an address to your friend? Or telling your friend your exact location so he or she can find you?

This facebook messenger trick comes in handy, with this feature you can send locations to your friends on facebook messenger. The best part about this messenger trick is that it comes with a short descriptive map of the location you are sending.

How to share location on facebook android,

1, Make sure you enable location services on your device.

1, Start/open a chat on facebook messenger.

2, Tap on the ellipses (Three dots).

3, Tap on location.

You can choose to send your current location or the location of a nearby place.

That’s all, the recipient will receive the map-like location on his or her facebook messenger and will be able to get to you through the help of Google maps.

Send Animated Gifs on Facebook Messenger

Are you among those that love to spice up chats with GIFs? If yes, then this fb messenger trick is totally for you.

Some time ago, facebook messenger rolled out a new update that made it possible to send GIFs.

What are Gifs? Well, there are moving images.

How to send a GIF in facebook messenger 

1, Start/open a chat

2, Tap on the GIF icon.

3, Scroll through the GIFs and tap to send.

Activate/Deactivate chat heads

Chat heads on facebook messenger are sometimes cute and hybrid, and sometimes there can be so annoying, especially when you are doing something important on your device and they get in the way.

Yes, there is the option of swiping the chat head away, but personally, I take it completely off and bring it back whenever I need it.

Don’t know what chat head on facebook messenger is?  Here is what it is, What is a chat head on messenger

Here is how to disable facebook messenger chat heads

1, Open messenger app on your device.

2, Tap on the profile icon.

3, Scroll down till you see Chat heads.

4, Tap on chat heads to switch it off or on.

facebook messenger tips


Facebook Messenger Web

facebook messenger tips

Now, of all facebook messenger tricks and tips, this has stood out to be among my top 5.

The love I have for facebook messenger web is priceless. PC users are totally going to love this one.

Some time ago I wrote a post on 16 amazingly outstanding WhatsApp tips and tricks and on that post I talked about the new WhatsApp web.

Well, the facebook messenger web just like the Whatsapp web allows you to chat on fb messenger from your PC or basically through a browser.

Signing in to facebook web is not as complex as WhatsApp web.

How to use Facebook messenger web

1, On your PC or any device browser, visit this website https://www.messenger.com

2, Sign In

3, Start chatting.


Change Default Like Emoji To Something Cooler

facebook messenger tricks

Tired of seeing the popular like emoji on facebook messenger?

This facebook messenger tip will help you get rid of the like emoji for good, the best part about getting rid of it is that you can actually change it to any emoji of your choice.

So, How do you change the Like Emoji on facebook messenger….

1, Start/Open a chat.

2, Tap on the circled (i).

3, Tap on Emoji and choose your desired emoji.

You can change the emoji for every chat session.

Send a Short SnapChat-like Video On FB messenger

Looking for facebook messenger tricks that are found on other apps?

Here’s one;

This Facebook messenger tip lets you send a short 15 seconds video to any of your contacts.

How to send short video on FB Messenger

1, Start/Open a chat

2, Tap on the camera icon.

3, Hold down the snap button to record a video.

Add Friends On Messenger via the unique Messenger Code

facebook messenger tricks

Wanna know something absolutely high tech?

Uhm, I have good news and bad news;

The good news is that Facebook messenger has embedded a new feature in that app that lets users add each other on the facebook messenger app.

The bad news is, Well, there isn’t any bad news really, I was just kidding; ( Laughs out loud) I got you there.

So, It’s official, it’s hot, it’s blazing, it’s high tech;

Facebook messenger users can now brag about this cool feature.

How to add friends via unique messenger code

It’s simple really

1, Open the facebook messenger app

2, Tap on your profile icon.

3, Tap on your profile picture.

4, On your friend’s device, repeat step 1, 2, 3, and then tap on scan code on the left.

That’s basically how to add someone on fb messenger via the app.

Nice Emoji Effects With the Love Emoji and Snow Emoji

Here is another tip worthy of being among Facebook messenger app secrets;

I have a question for you, Do you know how to get floating hearts on messenger?

Yes? No?

Well, did you know that if you send a heart emoji to someone it is literally going to rain hearts? YES?

If you knew that I bet you didn’t now that if you send a snow emoji it’s going to rain snow and the rain will be accompanied by a cool lullaby kind of rhythm.

Just send the heart emoji or the snow emoji to see a magical effect.

Chat Secretly, Set Timer For Messages To Self Destruct

facebook messenger tricks

This is more like playing mission impossible;

Did you know that with the secret conversation mode you can set a message to self-destruct? It’s one of my best fb messenger tricks;

It’s simple to engineer, just activate the secret conversation mode with a friend, set a timer before sending your message, and immediately your friend sees the message, the countdown will begin.

You can check out more info about facebook messenger secret conversation here



Set Custom Color For Conversations

facebook messenger trick change chat color

Here’s another sweetheart in the facebook messenger tips and tricks world;

Are you tired of seeing blue on your facebook messenger? If you Aren’t, I am.

This sweetheart lets you set a custom color for different persons on your fb messenger contact list, you can choose from over 10 different colors.

This fb messenger tip really comes in handy especially when you want to distinguish between contacts….


Friends can be Blue, Family can be Green, and blah blah blah;

You get the point;

How to set custom color for specific conversations;

1, Start/open a chat.

2, Tap on the circled (i) located at the top-right.

3, Tap on color.

4, Tap on your desired color to change.

Send A Voice Note On Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger tricks

If you thought WhatsApp is the only social media application that lets you send voice notes?

Well, I am so sorry to burst your bubble, facebook messenger also has that feature;

Wait, what???You think I was bluffing when I said I have a list of insanely cool facebook messenger tips and tricks? Well, Think again.

Sending voice notes on facebook messenger is quite easy, here’s how;

1, Start/open a chat.

2, Tap on the microphone icon which is located beside the GIF icon.

3, Tap and hold the big red RECORD button.

4, Release to send and swipe up or down to cancel.

That’s basically all I have to give to you on Facebook messenger tips and tricks, and facebook chat tricks and secrets 2021.

All fb messenger tips and tricks on this posts have been tested and are working on Android devices. If you own an IOS device, Most of the tips and tricks for facebook messenger would work for you.

Did we miss something?

Don’t be shy….

Feel free to share it with us any facebook messenger tip or trick that you have discovered via our comment section under this post.

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