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Everything You Need To Know About PCBs

Everything You Need To Know About PCBs

High tech electronic PCB (Printed circuit board) with processor and microchips. 3d illustration

For electrical devices to work properly it is important that a PCB is used in the design process. This is because, without a PCB, your device will not work the way it is supposed to and could be more inconvenient when using it. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about PCBs. If you are interested and you would like to find out more, keep reading for further information.

What is a PCB?

If you are not familiar with technology and how it works then you might be asking yourself what is a PCB? A PCB is a Printed Circuit Board that is usually made of fibreglass or plastic and is important because it is used to transport electricity through an electrical device to help it work properly. The electricity is transported through a PCB by the copper wires and connectors that it is made up of and placed across the board. Not only is a PCB important but it is also important that during the design process it is tested to make sure it works and will be able to function properly.

What Devices Require a PCB?

It is important to have PCBs because the majority of electrical devices require one, from calculators to smart devices to medical equipment as well as many more. Depending on the device, you will require a different type of PCB. This is because some are a lot more powerful than the others, for instance, if more than one layer is put together, you will find that it is more powerful. For example, a single layer PCB will be used in a calculator and a multilayer PCB will be used in medical equipment and other advanced types of electrical devices.

Different Types of PCB

The different types of PCB include a single layer PCB, double layer PCB and a multilayer PCB; these can be made from solid material or flexible material. When a PCB is made from a hard material such as fibreglass it is known as a Rigid PCB. This is important because it means it is harder to break and can be used in TV’s, smartphones and laptops.  When a PCB is made out of a softer material; usually plastic, it is known as a Flex PCB. A flexible PCB is important because it is malleable meaning that it can be bent and twisted in multiple ways which makes it easy to install in devices. There are other types of PCB and are known as a Rigid-Flex PCBs and Rigid PCBs.

In Conclusion

Overall, PCBs are important because, without them, technology would look different and would not function the same way it would if PCBs weren’t in use. Using PCBs also save a lot of money as it doesn’t require a lot of time to manufacture and they are small and can make devices a lot lighter as they don’t weigh a lot.

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