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Fastest way to download an APK File From Google Playstore

Fastest way to download an APK File From Google Playstore


How To Download APK From Google Playstore

download google playstore apk file

Have you ever tried looking for the APK file of an application that you just downloaded from Google play store on the file manager of your android device? Or, have you been looking for ways to download APK files from Google

Or, have you been looking for ways to download APK files from Google playstore? Well, look no further because you are about to know an easy trick that I use to download APK file from google playstore.

Are you new to the android world and you are probably wondering:

 What in the world is APK?
APK is an acronym for Android application package, APK is a file format (just as there is EXE, ISO and so on) It is used by the Android OS for installing applications.
Most android users know that android applications are APK files just as XAP is for windows phones and IPA is for iPhones.

Why would I need to download an APK file from google playstore?

➽ As a dedicated android user, that uses the google play store often for applications, you would have come across certain restrictions hindering you from downloading an app from google play store. One of which is ”Geo restrictions”.

”Geo restrictions” simply known as ”country restrictions”, it allows downloading of specific applications from a particular location or locations.

For example, you want to download an app and it tells you ” This item is not available in your country”.

download google playstore apk file


An easy way to bypass this restriction is to download the APK file from google play store.

➽ Another reason to save APK files from google play store is that some devices do not have google play store, and due to that, downloading the APK file of any app you want, would be the next resort.

So, after telling you this much, I will quickly cut to the chase and show you how you can get APK from play store

How to download APK file from playstore

#1 Downloading through URL from an APK downloader site.


save apk file from playstore

You can download an APK by performing three very easy steps.

  • Go to Playstore on a browser (play.google.com)
  • Locate the app you want to download and copy the URL of the file.

download apk file

  • Finally, go to any of the google play APK downloader sites and paste the URL of the app or game.




#2 Downloading from a trusted APK store.


download apk file from google play store

  • Go to any of the listed websites below and search for the name of the app or game you want to download.



So, there you have it, this is basically how you can easily download an APK file from google playstore. You can only download free apps via the listed websites.


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