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5 Best Depression Apps For Android 2021

5 Best Depression Apps For Android 2021


Depression is a mental disorder that causes someone to feel sad, unworthy, and lives in misery or hopelessness. Depression can affect a whole lot of persons irrespective of the type of temperament they have. Depression is an emotional and psychological breakdown that does not only affect the person who is depressed but also the people around them.

A lot of depressed people seem to think so much in isolation.

There are applications that have been specifically made to kill depression as the rate of suicide is increasing by the minute. Apart from mental illness, there are other issues that can cause depression. These issues are: relationship challenges, substance abuse, job or money-related stress, physical health abuse, legal or housing challenges and more are potential risks of suicide.

Even though these applications may not totally take away the need for help professionally, they are strategies to help when there is no doctor. These applications are wired for both the users of android phones or ios phones.


When you are depressed, your best bet would be to talk to someone that will probably help in getting you out of that state. With the BetterHelp app, you’ll not just get any kind of person allocated to you, you’ll be paired with a professional therapist that has been trained for situations like yours. The BetterHelp app is available for download on the Android play store and Apple store.


This app screens for depression in the user by asking sensitive questions on a daily basis. It has concerns with mental health, therefore, questions are outlined to decipher prospective causes of depression by asking how the day went, what productive steps were used and did it measure up to success, were their cases of sadness of anxiety caused by the places that were visited, the people that were contacted and so on.

This helps the users to understand their thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to be linked with health professionals.


This application is essential to help detect traces of suicidal notions in its users or the people around them. As one of the helpful tips, the users are obliged to produce 3 names of people that they are comfortable talking to when they feel down or moody. They are able to settle down and proffer possible warning signs, coping strategies, and support networks.

Talk Life

When in a moody disposition, it is vital to have people to talk to. This application provides a group of peers that interact 24/7. The app has made the provision of a lot of persons to talk to at any time. They are also there to render emotional support to anyone that needs it.


Research support tools are made available through this app to help the users fight negative thoughts and also contest feelings of hopelessness. This app helps the user to write down moods, thoughts, and feelings in a bid to push away negative thought patterns.

What’s Up

This application tracks positive and negative habit tracker to be able to express good habits and flee from bad habits. The therapies used to track these habits are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. The “Get Grounded” page is relevant to help the users identify precise feelings. On the other hand, the “Thinking Patterns” page is relevant to abhor negative thoughts and patterns.

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