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How To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

How To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently


Delete Facebook Account permanently 

delete facebook account permanently

Perhaps you don’t want your personal information on facebook anymore, or maybe facebook has become an addiction that you want to quit. well, There is actually a sure way to quit. I will show you how to easily delete your facebook account.


If you have been searching for a remove facebook account button on your facebook app and you can’t find it, well, not to worry, if you follow this post to the end you will know how to delete facebook account permanently. The deletion process takes 14 days to complete, so let’s ride on.

Before we get to the part where I show you ”how to delete your facebook account” I will quickly show you;

How To Deactivate Facebook Account.

Now before you go ahead to delete your facebook account, you should try the option of deactivating it. Deactivating your account is quite better than deleting your facebook account because when your account is deactivated, it can be reactivated.


When you deactivate your account, all information about you will be hidden. No one will be able to view the things you have shared. Your timeline, photos, status updates and some other activities will be hidden until you reactivate your account.

Steps to Deactivate Facebook Account


Step 1: Open facebook and tap the utility button at the top most right and select settings.

delete facebook account permanently

Step 2: Tap on security, then look for deactivate your account and tap on it.

delete facebook account permanently

Step 3: On the next pop up, select deactivate your account.

delete facebook account permanently

Step 4: Select a reason for deactivating the account.

remove facebook account

Step 5: Enter your facebook password and select deactivate now.

remove facebook account

Your account will be deactivated if you followed the above steps accordingly, you can reactivate your facebook account by logging in to facebook with your old account details.


How to reactivate your deactivated facebook account

Reactivating your facebook account is simple as long as you didn’t ask the company to permanently delete your facebook account, if you used the ”facebook deactivate option” to suspend your account and you want your account back, follow these easy steps to reactivate your facebook account.

Step 1: Log in to facebook using the email/phone number and password of the account you deactivated.

Step 2: If you cannot remember your password, don’t worry, you can still retrieve it by answering a few questions.

And that’s all, your facebook account should now be reactivated.

Let’s now move to the main post


How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

There is something you should consider before you go ahead to delete  your  facebook account permanently and that is:


➤ Backing up your facebook data: Facebook gives users the option of downloading data for offline use, data like posts, photos, ads you have clicked, and lots of other inaccessible data. downloading facebook data is easy and this is how to do it.


Step 1: Open settings on facebook.


Step 2: Tap on general, and then tap on ”Download a copy”, after that tap on the  ”start my archive” button at the middle of the page.

Step 3: Re-enter your facebook password and tap on submit.

Step 4: Tap on the ”start my archive” button again. Facebook should now send you an email with a download link.

Step 5: If you have received the mail, open it and click on the ”download archive 

Step 6: Re-enter your facebook password.


Step 7: Select a save location, and tap on the save button at the bottom right.


Delete facebook account permanently

Facebook gives you 14 days period of grace to opt out from deleting your account, if this period elapses and you haven’t opted out from the deletion process, then it is official, you have permanently deleted your facebook account.


To delete your facebook account permanently follow these steps;

Step 1: Go to the facebook account deletion form.


Step 2: When the above link opens, click on ”delete my account


deactivate facebook account

Step 3: Enter your password and fill out the captcha test.

deactivate facebook account

After completion, you will receive a notification telling you that ”Your account will be permanently deleted in 14 days”


Make sure you don’t try to log in facebook within the 14 days period, if you log in accidentally, repeat the facebook account deletion process again.


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