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Computer Slow and Driving You Crazy? Here’s What You Can Do

Computer Slow and Driving You Crazy? Here’s What You Can Do


When our devices start to run out of puff and slow down, freeze and otherwise cause issues, there’s nothing quite so frustrating. It can stop us from getting work done and from doing tasks such as video conferencing, researching, shopping, connecting on social media and playing games.

If you’ve noticed that your device seems to freeze or slow down more often than ever, it’s time to do something about it. Happily, there are steps you can take to remedy the situation — steps that don’t include buying a new computer. Read on for some ways you can get your computer back into better shape today.



Add More Storage to Your Device

One of the biggest reasons why tech gadgets slow down and freeze is that they don’t have enough storage capacity on them to handle the variety of tasks you’re trying to execute. To combat this, add more storage.

Start with the hard drive; that is, the permanent storage. For most people, a capacity of at least 1 terabyte in size is required. This is particularly the case if you store a lot of large files (e.g. photos and films), which take up much storage room. Take a look at the level your hard drive is currently sitting at. If it’s around 80 percent full or more, this is definitely going to be wreaking havoc with the speed of your machine as it will have to work harder to complete tasks.

It also pays to add more storage to your device via Random Access Memory, or RAM. RAM is the temporary storage used by your computer when programs are handling tasks. If you’re someone who typically has many different programs open at once, you’re going to need a good amount of RAM. If you don’t stock up, your computer will soon slow down and freeze, especially when you’re working on numerous projects at once or trying to use big files. It’s not difficult to add more RAM to your computer; simply add more memory sticks. Most people find that adding another 4 gigabytes is usually enough to get their computer working effectively.


Get Rid of Unnecessary Programs

Next, keep in mind that your device likely has many unnecessary programs which are taking up vital space and processing power each moment. See what you can get rid of. You’ll no doubt have a variety of programs on your computer that you installed years ago but have ceased using, in addition to some programs you didn’t even know were there. Most new devices come with lots of programs pre-installed, but a lot of these you’ll never use or even be aware you could use.

While this might not sound like an issue, the fact is that many of these programs run processes in the background as your computer loads, regardless of whether they’re actually open and being used or not. This means they can add to the load on your device substantially.

To get rid of the things you simply don’t need, head to the “Programs and Features” section on the Control Panel on your computer. Here, you’ll find a list of all the installed software. Delete anything that’s not needed.


Utilize Cleanup Tools

There are many great cleanup tools you can utilize these days to get your computer running optimally, too. Specific cleanup programs, such as this popular Mac cleaner, are designed to go through your computer looking for old files to delete. This saves you a lot of time and energy, as trying to do it manually is rather slow and painful. There are both free and paid products on the market to choose from. Compare features to see what will work best for you.

Run Regular Updates

Something else you may not have considered is that running old, outdated versions of software, browsers, operating systems, programs, apps, plugins and the like can slow your computer down. This is why it’s important to always take note of the update messages that pop up, letting you know a new version of something is available. It pays to set up all systems to update automatically, so you’re always using the latest hardware and software versions.


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