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10 Best Clock Apps For Android 2021 | Alarm Apps For Android

10 Best Clock Apps For Android 2021 | Alarm Apps For Android


Clock apps were once designed just to tell time. This trend is now in the past. Moreover, times are now told more accurately with the use of AI. There are clock apps which feature converters in various units, automatically determines present location time and many more.

Techytab presents to you, the 10 best clock apps for android users.

Alarm Clock Extreme

Instead of your alarming ringing ferociously, you can select one of your favorite music to wake you up. It slowly increases in volume and wakes you up gently, instead of the traditional alarm sounds which wake you up traumatically.

Once you’re awake, there are in-app math quizzes to solve. This helps to jump-start your brain.

To get your self sorted out, there is a feature called “my day”, it displays the most important information you need, such as the day’s weather forecast, and upcoming events synced from your calendar.

There is also a built-in timer, which you can use to set a variety of activities you want to perform at the same time.

If you’re the exercising type, there is a stopwatch featuring split/lap time, and total time down to 1/100 of a second.


Here’s the second on my list of clock Apps for Android. This time telling app is by Google LLC. Google is known to always create awesome apps and services. Though this app is just like most traditional time-telling app, the reason we had it listed here is because of its stability. It doesn’t crash like most clock apps or have bug issues.

You can also pair this app with Wear OS devices. This brings your alarm and timer to your wrist.

Clock Vault

This app is more than just a time-telling app, it features a vault where you can hide photos, videos & any other files on your phone, including Wifi, Bluetooth & recent tasks.

The app icon is very discrete, making it one of the best privacy protection app.

Managing these hidden folders is very easy as well. You can view and move them into other folders in the app. You can also export them out of the app.

To unlock clock vault you can use your fingerprint. There is also a Fake Locker system. Once an incorrect password is entered, fake contents are shown. Also, a snapshot is taken of anyone who tries to gain access to your vault. The picture is mailed to you.

You can as well use a web browser within the app. Everything you download on this web browser is automatically saved in the app. Also, there is an in-built video player you can use to view locked videos.

World Clock

The web version of this app is timeanddate which has been online since 1998, and one of the best online provider, of accurate and reliable time and date related information worldwide.

On this app, you can find local time, and time zone information for thousands of cities around the world

The information displayed on the app is continuously updated, by a  team of professional researchers.

Your current location is automatically detected to tell you the time. You can as well switch dates & times.

The app also shows latitude and longitude coordinates. As well as, country and area dialing codes.

Time Zone Converter & Local Weather

This app is part of a package of applications known as Fracht Tools.

If you are a traveler or want to call friends and family abroad, or your profession requires you to deal with different time zones, this app can come in handy.

It allows you to easily search through the time zone of any city around the world. The hour difference from where you’re is shown, and also the weather forecast of that particular city.

Google Places API is used when searching for a location. This means all the calculations and processing are done in the background. Almost immediately, the result will be presented.

Time Buddy

Here’s another great App on my list of Best clock Apps for Android. This app has very great UX. You can count on this app for regular updates because it’s actively maintained.

Depending on how you want to view the app, you can choose between landscape or portrait. There is an in-app calendar which can also use to schedule your activities. Also, there is a Forex calendar.

Apart from having a world clock, there is also a time converter which works across multiple time zones.


This app has classy themes, which gives the interface of your phone a nice look.

There is an exclusive daylight clock technology, that illustrates time differences by comparing day and night between cities. Planning of meetings and alarm settings can be done based on time zones.

If there is no Internet connection, this app will still function. It uses its own internal timezone database, insulated from obsolete time zones on your device.

There are 4 styles of widgets to choose from, and they are all resizable. You will need to pay a fee to gain access to this app.

Pilot Time

This is a free app used to access local, military and UTC time. It has three sections. The “Time” section which gives you instant access to the time and date for any time zone.

The “Recent” section which allows you to quickly access their 3 most recently used time zones. The “Converter” section which instantly converts any past, current, or future time/date between any two time zones.

There are two widgets to choose from. The “Current Time” widget allows you to quickly view a current time zone. The “Saved Conversions” widget allows you to view all the saved time zone conversions.

Big Digital Clock

This clock is in digital format and covers the whole of your screen. The screen orientation is automatically handled. You can adjust the color to anyone you like.

The app allows you to enable the reading of seconds. The app AM/PM-mode is read from your android device settings.

To prevent burn-in, you can enable the clock to move around the screen.

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Heavy sleepers will find this app very effective. Their ringtone is very loud and will instantly wake you up from your sleep. For light sleepers, there is a soft ringtone as well.

To shut down the alarm, you have to take a picture of the registered place selected in the app. To warm up your brain, there are math problems to solve. You can choose between simple or advanced math problems.

To shut down the alarm, you can as well shake your phone up to 999 times. Before you reach the 999th time you will be fully awake.

Google Assistant can be used to set the alarm.

The app shows the current temperature and chooses the most suitable outfit for the day. You can also change the alarm sound to music on your phone, but this is more preferable if you’re a light sleeper.

Best Clock Apps For Android

The Clock apps for Android on this list are very lightweight and work perfectly on every android device. Their interface is very user-friendly. A tech dummy can easily navigate through the app. Though most of these apps have average themes, nevertheless, you will still find some with interesting themes.

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