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10 Awesome Chrome Extension For Writers | Bloggers and Freelancers

10 Awesome Chrome Extension For Writers | Bloggers and Freelancers


Best Chrome Extension For Writers

chrome extension for writers


Hey there! precious reader! I hope you are having a swell time.

Extensions are one of my favorite things on Google Chrome, they make stuff way easy for folks like you and me. This post is dedicated to Chrome extension for writers.

Do you want to know what triggered me to write this article on Chrome extension for writers? Yes?

Okay, In the past I have been a writer/blogger/freelancer and almost just about anything you could think of pertaining to writing with a Laptop or desktop computer.

My writing was good back in the day, but I had certain challenges. I’d have to search for the meaning of specific words before using them, I’d have to check my content 10 times over to make my content totally free of errors.

All this was totally stressful for me. Well, being an inquisitive person and a fan of Google Chrome, I decided to go on the hunt for chrome extension for writers.

And viola!

I found some outstanding ones.

For words to be tremendous, they need to exact in describing the feeling and narrating incidences. Whether it be fiction or research, the right tools make for the finest work.

Are you a blogger or a freelancer looking for the best Chrome extensions that will aid your writing? Well, Here are 10 of the best extensions dedicated to making your life as a wordsmith a bit more refreshing.


10 Best Chrome Extension For Writers


Google dictionary

chrome extension for writers

A good dictionary saves you from falling on your face as far as words are concerned and what better to use than one from the Google family. This extension gives you definition of words on any webpage you’re on by just double-clicking the word. It also lets you search for the definition of words and phrases by using the toolbar available and stores a history of your searched words for future references.


Chrome notepad

chrome extension for writers

Welcome to the extension that lets you write your thoughts and inspirations as they come by being available right on your browser. It lets you sync your notes with other devices, and you can also change the font size as well as the text area.


Evernote Web Clipper 

chrome extension for writers

I use this chrome extension for writing. This extension is a must have as it lets you keep all your important information in one place. You can highlight bits of information you find online and it saves it so you can access it later and it syncs this information with all your devices so you never have to worry about leaving a piece of information at home or elsewhere.



chrome extension for writers

This right here is my favorite Google chrome extension for writers. Grammarly is needed by practically everyone who works online, this extension boasts of being more thorough and efficient in its spell and grammar check than Windows auto-correct. It defines words, suggests alternatives to them, can be genre specific and even detects when a work is plagiarized so you can be sure you’re not stepping on toes.



chrome extension for writers

It can be hard focusing on one thing at a time especially with the wealth of information and activity out there. This extension acts as a personal time manager, ensuring you don’t spend your work time on other stuff. It lets you set a limit on how much time you’d like to spend on certain sites and when that time runs out, it blocks that site for the rest of the day. This is amazing. LOL



Google Similar Pages

chrome extension for writers

Sometimes when researching, it’s hard to comb through the web to find what is being said or has been said on certain topics. When on a webpage, reading on a particular topic or following a discussion, clicking on this extension gives you a list of similar pages so you can research faster and wider. This extension is totally worthy of being on our list of Chrome extension for writing.



chrome extension for writers

The best articles result from a well of knowledge on the said topic and that’s why we research. When this happens, a lot of tabs are opened at the same time, inevitably. OneTab helps you organize and save all these tabs for later use by putting them together so you can access them at once. You can arrange your tabs in groups or as a single webpage. This makes for faster and easier reading.


Video Speed Controller

chrome extension for writers

Research sometimes goes beyond words written to words spoken, but who has time to sit around and watch a 60-minute video in real time? This Chrome extension for writers, lets you watch any video at speeds of 1.5x, 2.5x and 5x! So when you have to watch that webinar or replay a live story online, reach for this extension. This way, you can get to the good parts without missing a truckload of other stuff, as you would if you just skip.


Save to Pocket

chrome extension for writers

Save to Pocket saves you from immediately opening a new tab when you see a link you don’t want to ignore but you also do not want to deal with at the moment. All you have to do is click Save to Pocket and you can open it up later without cluttering your browser with an endless line of tabs.



chrome extension for writers

This extension wraps it all up by saving all your passwords in a vault so you don’t have to worry about remembering them. All you need to do is remember you master passphrase and it does the rest for you.



So there you have it, Our list of 10 Awesome Chrome extension for writers: what every writer needs to kill. Tell us what you think and your experiences with these extensions if you’ve used them. 

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