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How To Change VLC Media Player Skin in Windows 7/8/10

How To Change VLC Media Player Skin 2018


Hey there,

Today, I’ll tell you how you can change VLC media player skin on your PC.

Now, Seeing it from the biological point of view, skins are essential to mankind. They keep us from walking around in “outfits” that only doctors can stand.

Whoever thought of the idea for skinnable interfaces must have considered how much we try to alter our skins as humans and figured that we would do the same to inanimate stuff too.

In this article, I will show you the step by step process of how to change VLC media player skin. Trust me, This would give your VLC media player a whole new feel.

If you aren’t using VLC skins, you are missing out.


I remember the first time I Changed my VLC media player skin. When I saw the outcome, I was in awe.  I downloaded and used a VLC  media player skin called ”Alienware Darkstar”. The skin was the definition of ”Alienware”. It changed the look of my VLC media player completely.

Trust me, changing my VLC media player skin was an awesome experience.

Wanna know how to change yours too? Read on!


QuestionWhere do I get VLC media player skins from?

Well, there’s a website with lots of skins for you to choose from.

VLC has a skin website that provides us with available “plastic surgery” for our media player, without the scalpel or savings. Here’s how to NOT give your VLC media player a facelift.



How to Change VLC Media Player Skin 2018


  • Go to VLC player.
  • Click on tools on your VLC media player, then Go to preferenceThere you’d find the option to use custom skins alongside the option to use a native skin.


  • Click on the use custom skin option and you’ll see a direct link to VideoLan website to download from the plenty skin options available.


The website you will be taken to, also offers you the chance to create your own custom skin.

After downloading, according to the VideoLan website, you are to put the files in the skin folder of the VLC installation directory as it applies to your operating system e.g on Windows OS, save as (C:\ProgramFiles\VideoLAN\VLC\skins) and on Linux/Unix (~/.local/share/vlc/skins2).


Now, All that sounds so stressful to do.

If you’re from the lazy gene pool, as I am, you might want to skip this process as you can access the files from wherever they are downloaded to (tried and tested by yours truly).

So, let’s say you were taken to the VLC media player skin website, and you have downloaded one or more VLC media player skins from the website.

You can move on to the next step.


  • When you find the use custom skin option (as explained earlier), look out for the Skin resource file and Choose bar beside it. Clicking on the Choose option takes you the file explorer where you can then access the skin of your choice.


  • Scroll down and click on save to completely change VLC media player skin.


After these have been done, VLC needs to be restarted to activate the new skin. 



And hey! You can also customize your skin (create your own VLC media skin). I would have loved to show you how to customize your own VLC media player skin, but I’ll leave that for sometime later. This article is dedicated to just one keyword and that’s (how to change VLC media player skin 2018).

So people, there you have it. I hope after reading this you won’t encounter any issues while trying to change VLC media player skin. In conclusion, love your skin (naturally or customized) and wear it well. 


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