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How To Change Facebook Page Cover Photo In Just 2 Minutes

How To Change Facebook Page Cover Photo In Just 2 Minutes


Somethings that seem easy to most of us are actually difficult for other people to get the hang of.

In a bit, I will show you how to change Facebook page cover photo.

Your Facebook cover photo is that huge image on your Facebook that everyone gets to see when they view your page.

Did you know you can actually set a video as your Facebook Page Cover Photo?

Let’s see how!

Steps To Changing Facebook Page Cover Photo

1. Go to Facebook on the web.

2. Go to your Facebook page.

3. Hover your mouse over the video icon and you should see (change cover).

4. You can decide to choose a photo or video from what you have already uploaded by clicking on choose from photos or choose from videos. If the image or video has not been uploaded to Facebook, click on Upload photo or video.

5. Select your preferred image, set the position and click on save.

Other Options To Change Facebook Page Cover Photo

Create Slideshow

A slideshow is a series of images showing at different intervals. You can set up to 5 slideshow images on your Facebook page.

Simply click on the change cover button, then select slideshow.

Facebook will automatically select 5 images for you.

You can change the images to your preferred images by clicking on the pencil icon, selecting the image and clicking on save.


This option doesn’t change your current picture, you can use it to reposition your already existing image if it isn’t aligned properly.

That wasn’t difficult now was it?

Now, here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I resize my cover photo on Facebook?

Facebook’s cover photo size is  820 x 312 pixels. Most people face a frustrating situation where their image won’t fit. Now, It’s best you ask your designer to resize the image using a professional tool. If he or she is bent on making money from you for resizing, you can alternatively use an image resizing App on your Android App. You can also use an online image resizing tool.

How do I change my Facebook page picture?

  • Go to the Facebook page.
  • Click on (change cover) located at the top left of the existing cover image.
  • Upload your preferred photo.
  • Resize and save.

What size should cover photo be on Facebook?

It’s  820 x 312 pixels. Anything way less or higher and Facebook might not allow you to upload the picture or video.


That’s a wrap. I hope this article has solved your issue on how to change Facebook page cover photo. Depending on the kind of page you run, you can settle for a cover video instead of a photo, but it needs to be about 20-90 seconds.

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