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Technology has in no doubt improved the state of health care. And as the years roll by, gradual changes have been seen. With therapy, technology acts as a bridge in areas that demand easy access to services to help improve the quality of care. Also, it is relevant to deliver personalized treatments. During therapy, patients […]
It’s a worrying yet perhaps inevitable correlation that concerns about cyber security are growing at a similar rate to the amount of time we spend on the worldwide web. The more we rely on accessing the internet on our phones, tablets and computers, the more ways the criminal fraternity find to attack the very platforms […]
Thanos Easter Egg! Hey there! When I first saw this while researching the internet I thought to myself “This is not possible”. Being a curious and hardcore avengers fan, I decided to give it a try and I am pleased to tell you that it does work. How amazing! Google search has lots of Easter […]