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With modern ways of doing business, entrepreneurs have numerous options for keeping everything on track. How well it is done determines the success of the business. But how do you go about tracking your business? We will cover the best practices when you want to keep the business on track in the right way. Setting […]
In Huawei’s recent response to the Trumps administration’s actions, banning all U.S. based industries from engaging in any business transactions or providing services of any kind to Huawei, a single word stands out, and it clearly defines the China based tech giant’s future intentions. In the wake of the approval of the ruling, a series […]
Thanos Easter Egg! Hey there! When I first saw this while researching the internet I thought to myself “This is not possible”. Being a curious and hardcore avengers fan, I decided to give it a try and I am pleased to tell you that it does work. How amazing! Google search has lots of Easter […]