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How To Secure Facebook Account From Attacks   Hello there facebook user, the question I’ll ask you is, are you tired of trying to retrieve your ha*ked account? Or maybe you just want to keep ha*kers totally off by guarding your account? Well, you are in luck to be reading this because with just a […]
How To Check Google Contact list If you are reading this then my guess is you already know how to backup contacts to google, as a researcher I have come across numerous questions by google users, questions like, how to check google backup contact, how do i check google contacts, how to check backed up […]
New Google Allo Review, Amazing Features Heard of the new Google App? Well I decide to write a post on google allo review.  Google’s new app was announced on may 18, 2016, google said that the app will be released in summer, I guess they kept to their word, the new google app was launched […]