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Stop facebook notifications on your Android       This post will teach you how to stop facebook notifications. I know that because of busy schedules and other things, disabling facebook notifications most times is not an option for facebook users. But the big question now is, what happens when you are getting numerous pop-up […]
How To Secure Facebook Account From Attacks   Hello there facebook user, the question I’ll ask you is, are you tired of trying to retrieve your ha*ked account? Or maybe you just want to keep ha*kers totally off by guarding your account? Well, you are in luck to be reading this because with just a […]
How To Check Google Contact list If you are reading this then my guess is you already know how to backup contacts to google, as a researcher I have come across numerous questions by google users, questions like, how to check google backup contact, how do i check google contacts, how to check backed up […]