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Elmedia is the best Mac Video player offering advanced video streaming features. It works perfectly with any video or audio file on the internet, and the HD experience is still outstanding because of its unique feature that allows the unloading of the processor without sync issues, or slowdowns while viewing your HD video/audio. Moreover, you […]
Long seen as the platform of the diehard tech-head, Linux is often unfairly maligned as impractical in more everyday tasks. While this might once have been true, the Linux of today is broad, effective, and surprisingly simple to use. From work to gaming, here’s what users need to know about the modern Linux experience. Gaming […]
For years, I have been a big fan of torrent downloads. My favorite tool for sharing and downloading Torrent files has always been uTorrent. In this short and concise article, I will show you the top 7 uTorrent alternatives. Why would I want an alternative of uTorrent? In our tech world today nothing is certain. […]
Hey there, ever used TeamViewer? I use TeamViewer all the time. It is an amazing software that lets you remotely access another person’s PC. With teamviewer, you don’t need to be physically present with the laptop to access it. Just activate the teamviewer on both PC’s, establish a connection and Voila! In this article, I […]