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Gmail (google mail), a free advertising-supported email service developed by Google and it’s one of the world best mailing services of our time. Unlike some other Email service providers/Apps, Gmail has proven to be more reliable and secured in providing quality service and it also portrays a swift U.I (User Interface). Gmail at intervals modifies […]
How To Change Google Assistant Voice   Can you change the accent of Google assistant? Sure thing, you can change the way your Google assistant sounds. You know? Give it that amazing female British accent or male American accent. Just launch Ok Google on your device >> Explore >>Settings >>Assistant >> Assistant voice >> select […]
How To Report A Problem On Instagram Instagram is an online photo and video sharing and app with millions of users it is more like a social networking app. Its users range from celebrities to social workers, marketers, and a whole lot of other users with different objectives as to why there are on Instagram. […]
How To Fix Slow Microsoft Edge Hey there Microsoft edge user. Have you had any issues on your edge like; slow or no response while surfing the web? If you have been thinking of a way to solve this problem or problems, well, look no further because we are going to help you fix slow […]