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After reading this article, you will know how to change username on telegram. Almost all social media applications require that you create a username, this name is unique to you alone. While signing up for most social media platforms, users are usually asked to choose a cool username that must contain upper and lower case […]
Do you want to be the best at creating WhatsApp stickers? I have got you covered my dear friend. After reading this article and applying the steps listed below, you’ll create amazing stickers that’ll make your friends ask “how did you do that?”. Back in the day there was nothing like WhatsApp stickers. Remember? Those […]
How do I save TikTok videos in 2020? Follow this article till the end and you’ll know-how. Hey there, Care to share your TikTok ID with me? I’d like to see some of the videos you are posting on the platform. I bet they are awesome. Tiktok was initially released on September 2016, from my […]