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Briefly, I ‘ll show you how to save telegram chat using the saved messages feature in a few easy to follow steps. Before you read on, know that this article isn’t about how to backup your telegram messages or chat, it is a simple method that works like the starred message feature on WhatsApp, it […]
Hey there, in this quick article, I will show you how to hide last seen on Telegram. In today’s world, every kid and young adult is getting smarter and acquainted to modern day technology. Most of the messaging apps available on both Android and iPhone are easy to use. Research has it that, about 80% […]
Want to know how to block someone on Telegram? Read on. If you have ever been disturbed by a scammer on Telegram, you’d realize the importance of blocking a contact on Telegram. In this article, I will show you how to block a contact in telegram. Telegram is no doubt an amazing app that a […]